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Meet with Dutch Friends
Wed 4th Jul 2012 to Wed 4th Jul 2012
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 4
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A dutch couple, Henny and Henk are visiting Scotland for 7-10 days they have asked me if i can arrange a small run out to somewhere in the Tayside area.
  Jen,myself and Alex are going but would like some others to come too.
  I know it is mid week but, if you can manage please come to Tesco's on the day.

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Your Comments
4th Jul 2012 19:10 :: Allie
Had a fantastic day out with our new friends, ( hope to see you again soon ) did 230 mls. and tops of all the way, thanks everyone for your company.

4th Jul 2012 21:06 :: Alex
Like you say Allie, a braw day out with new friends...with what has to be acceptable weather given what the summer has yielded so far. Just thinking, the Sticky Toffee pudding is beginning to wear off a bit...maybe time for a little light supper

6th Jul 2012 22:14 :: Tom & Jen
Yup , another nice day out with our new Dutch friends,a right mix of a day,grey skies,sunshine (a little !!) and coastal fog,typical scottish weather,it di not prevent us from having the roofs down all day.
The food at the Victoria Resturant was fab and the chef Tommy was great too, reccomend to all, will go back again.
  Many thanks to our photographer Mr Alex Henderson for his great shots and comments too.

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