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Black Isle Fly / Drive
Sun 1st Jul 2012
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 11
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Hi-5s do Microlighting

Sunday 1st July 2012
Commencing 10:15

A circumnavigation of the Black Isle by Road and Air

Hi-5s Route and Times

The plan is to meet up at the DFS Carpark on Millburn Road Inverness at 10:15 for a 10:30 departure.  Our route will follow the coast road round the Black Isle in an anti-clockwise direction ending up at Culbokie Airfield - yes, there is one - around lunchtime.

Lunch will take the form of a "bring your own picnic" - there is a kettle in the hangar but that's about it!  The facilities of the pilots lounge are a bit spartan - all the pilots are male - Ladies be warned, the toilet facilities are "extremely" limited!!

We're trying to arrange for at least two, if not more, microlights to be available to take all those crazy enough on a short flight over the Black Isle. 

The duration of the flight will be dependant on the numbers wanting to fly - but more importantly, the weather.  If the weather is bad - we can't fly! Sorry!!

For more details about microlighting from Culbokie click here

Landing Fees at Culbokie!  A microlight uses about the same amount of fuel per hour as an MX5.  As such we would suggest a donation to your pilot of  about £5 for a twenty minute flight would be in order to help cover his fuel.  If you want to buy the plane that will cost about the same as a brand new MX5!!

In the case of adverse weather we will "divert" to The Storehouse at Foulis Ferry

As you can see your picnic wont be required at Foulis Ferry - unless you want to sit on the grass in the rain!

Sorry but the list is now CLOSED - We're delighted with the turnout, but we only have limited parking at the airfield and more importantly we only have a very limited number of planes - and we want to make sure everyone who wants a flight gets one!! 

The latest weather report is looking much more favourable - the low which was directly over us has moved North and weakened and the fronts for tomorrow morning should move through by the time we go flying.  It may still be cloudy with a few showers but the winds have dropped appreciably which was our main concern.

Remember and wrap up well with good footwear! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.  Brian and Frankie (FAB)

Hi-5s (and tickets)booked so far (11 cars):-
02 - Frankie and Brian - Mk 2.5
04 - Al and Ally
06 - Dave and Val
07 - Steve
09 - Doug and Muriel
11 - Andy and Bev
13 - Richard and Maureen (Grampian)!
14 - Sheila
16 - Ken & Margaret
18 - Tom and Jen (Taysliders)!
19 - Davie & ?

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Your Comments
1st Jul 2012 22:33 :: Douglas & Muriel
I don't think you should be thanking us Frankie. That was a superb day out and many thanks to FAB , Steve and Jimmy for our 'reach for the skies' experience. Hi 5's all round.

1st Jul 2012 22:50 :: Tom & Jen, Tay5liders
Hi to all the Hi 5's and others to attended todays run,many thanks for the warm welcome by all there.
  Many thanks to our pilots, Brian,Steve and Jimmy for our wonderfull flights too.
  Another big thanks to Brian and Frankie for organising this great day out, jen and i talked about having such a fab time.
  Hope to see you all at the Gathering in Knockhill on the 22nd

2nd Jul 2012 08:12 :: Davie
And a big thank you from me also, a great day out (apart from he rain)..

And another box ticked in the things to do list..

Look forward to meeting up sometime in the future..


2nd Jul 2012 12:55 :: Richard & Maureen (Grampian)
Big thanks to Frankie & Brian for organising with special thanks to the pilots Brian, Jim & Steve for the flying on the day. A warm welcome from the Hi 5's who certainly know how to put the "Hi" in fives. Hope to meet up again soon.

2nd Jul 2012 21:58 :: Graham K (gra)
Thankyou for the scenic drive Frankie, the Black Isle experience a first for me. Great to see everyone enjoying the flying experience. Well done to pilots Brain, Jim and Steve. Great event. 

3rd Jul 2012 09:53 :: The ALs
What a fantastic day. Thanks to those involved in organising it and to our fearless aviators.

Might we possibly consider making this an annual event???

3rd Jul 2012 20:45 :: treeny
What can we add!!!! What a fantastic day! It has already been said but many, many thanks to Brian, Steve and Jimmy for making the day so memorable despite the bad weather and Brian can we do it again....As usual we got a little lost and along with Dougie and Muriel were last to report in ( I`m afraid I was looking out for signs to `Culbokie International Airport` and a nice bright orange windsock but thanks to Dougie who managed to navigate us back from the A9 in good time. Many thanks also to Frankie and Sheila who managed to find a kettle.But.....we have just watched the brilliant video Dougie gave us last night! I thought the flying helmet was good but the film.......I think we have found our movie buff for Als `MX5 Singalong`I`m not sure about the guy in the bright suit however.Many thanks Dougie and by the way the MX5 Manual on CD you gave me some time ago is also excellent. Looking forward to Knockhill, I am sure we will all have a brilliant time together.

Dave and Val

5th Jul 2012 18:05 :: Frankie
We've watched the DVD of the footage you took on Sunday Doug, absolutely superb! Looks like you may have found a new position...cameraman for the Hi-5s!!! :-)

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