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Phoenix Rise and Shine
Sun 24th Jun 2012
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Phoenix Rise and Shine

Sunday 24th June 2012

Phoenix Linwood kindly invited their customers to a new event at their car centre at Phoenix Commercial park and as we had supported them previously we were invited along to participate even although it was being organised by Phoenix Honda.

This was a new and totally untried concept of having a get together for customers of their 3 main Japanese brands of Honda, Mitsubishi and of course Mazda which was to be free of any selling and just an afternoon out to hopefully build some “loyalty” in their customers and to gain feedback as to how they could improve on family days out which they hope to hold regularly.

The main event was a judging of best cars in the three brand categories and an overall winner who received a trophy and £150 of vouchers.

A pleasant afternoon was had by all, well maybe all except Wattie. Not a shock to those of you who have suffered from his occasional moaning in the past but he excelled himself this weekend by blaming his grandson for him not winning the best car prize due to a small amount of sickness in the car which was no doubt the fault of Watties erratic driving and nothing to do with Ewans breakfast intake. Worse was to follow when he learned that he would have to open his wallet to purchase a clean set of trousers for his grandson and then when Ewan suggested he might have a burger and onions from the BBQ the bald head turned red. Phoenix calmed the situation by offering a free bucket for the journey home. The BBQ and drinks were enjoyed by the rest of us and Wattie was then seen requesting double onion and cheese on his burger.

During this period the judging of the cars took place and the Honda staff tried to find some banners so as not to be too embarrassed by the superior display by the MX5 Club.

Congratulations to Ian Ness who won best Mazda and who fell only one point short of overall winner but given it was being organised by Honda ........! then maybe it was not too surprising that a Honda won.

Honda offered facilities to put cars on the ramps behind the showroom for anyone who wanted some inspections done and of course provided bucket and sponge for granddad Walter to clean out the sickness from his passenger seat.

Dealer Principal Peter Mustard offered his thanks to all who attended before the afternoon ended with a martial arts display.

At the end of the afternoon Peter asked that I give a big thanks to all MX5 Club members for their attendance and continued support which had enhanced the event and suggested that the next time Honda will pull out the stops to compete with us, there will be more Mazda involvement and Mitsubishi might even get some customers to turn up.

So thanks to everyone who gave up their lunchtime to come along and hopefully cemented our association with a dealership in the West following on from our recent visit to a dealership in the East and in the long term we hope that the members will get benefit from these associations.

Report by: Charles Kennedy

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Your Comments
24th Jun 2012 16:02 :: chic and heather
Congratulations to Ian on winning best Mazda at the Phoenix Rise and Shine event and to Raymond on coming a close second.

24th Jun 2012 18:56 :: Jacqueline & Ian
An excellent day out, even the sun gods were kind to us. Really chuffed at picking up a trophy for our car. Many thanks to Chic for organising the event and Peter Mustard and all his team at Phoenix Honda/Mazda.

24th Jun 2012 19:25 :: Jim Ford
Thanks to Chic for organising an excellent day out. Well done Ian for having a spotless car. See everyone soon

24th Jun 2012 21:02 :: Ali & Drew
Well done bro on winning best MX5, I'll need to polish harder but might get through to undercoat. Thanks Chic for organising - still thinking about the green black!

24th Jun 2012 22:02 :: Marcia & Raymond
Thanks to Chic for an excellent day out, even the weather cleared up!  Thanks to Peter and his teams at Honda/Mazda for their hospitality to all who attended.

25th Jun 2012 19:34 :: wattie97
Fun day out at Pheonix. Well done Ian on winning best MX5. I hope my grandson throwing up in my car didn`t spoil my chances. (just kidding). Big thanks to the staff for the help in cleaning up. Well done Chic and Heather a good day.

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