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Applecross Run
Sat 19th May 2012
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 8
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Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th May 2012

Well we put up two options for our run out West.  The choice was either Poolewe Gardens or Applecross.

Not only was there no hesitation or debate about the destination but it has also become our first 2-day event!!!


Details are still to be finalised but so far we have decided that it can be done as either a Saturday only, Sunday only or Sat/Sun with overnight stay!

We intend leaving Inverness around 1000hrs on the Saturday and going via Loch Carron for Lunch. This would still give us plenty of time to get to Applecross and get rooms, etc., sorted out and get down to the Applecross Inn in time for dinner - 2000hrs. 

Wendy is taking on the role of "organiser at Applecross".  She has arranged some accommodation - which has all been taken already!!  She can arrange some more through Judy who owns the Applecross Inn.  If you're coming then please phone Wendy on the number in her "comment" below to book accommodation.

Wendy is also booking the table for dinner at the Applecross Inn for 8pm on Saturday evening. - Thanks - Wendy!

If you still fancy a trip to Applecross but don't want to spend the evening there you can still come along on either the Saturday or the Sunday and we can arrange where to meet / leave you.

Either way, please add your comment below so we know how many to expect for dinner.

Map of route to Applecross - We've decided that the outward journey will be lead by The Als and that we shall be travelling up the Bealach!

View Hi-5s - Applecross in a larger map

Hi-5s booked so far (8 cars):-
02 - Frankie and Brian - overnight - dinner
03 - Wendy - overnight - dinner
05 - Ken and Margaret - overnight - dinner
07 - Jean and Greg - Saturday only
09 - Ally and Al - camping! - dinner
11 - Philip and Jill - Sat/Sun staying elsewhere
13 - Andy and Bev - camping - dinner
15 - Dave and Val - Saturday only

  - Douglas and Muriel - apologies
  - Steven B - apologies

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Your Comments
20th May 2012 12:18 :: treeny
What a fantastic run to Applecross. Thanks to Als and to FAB for the organisation. Considering the week, what brilliant weather! Sorry we could not stop over but we had a brilliant run back with Jean and Greg followed by a nice meal in North Kessock. Thanks again.
Dave and Val

21st May 2012 10:12 :: The "ALS"
Thank you Dave & Val, but i'm not sure that we can take any of the credit for what was a wonderful weekend. The real hero was Wendy - sorting out all the accomodation (for those who were too scared to camp) and for sorting out dinner.
A really enjoyable couple of days, lets make sure that we do it again next year perhaps for two nights?????

The "ALS"

22nd May 2012 10:26 :: wendy Haywood
I also had a fantastic weekend it was just great the company food and the weather and yes lets do it next year for two night take the hotel over which we can if we book it sooner than later (for those who are to scared to camp) I wonder who we are talking about thanks to every one

22nd May 2012 10:42 :: Ken MacAulay
Margaret and I had a fantastic week-end as well Thanks to all for making it easier for us - our first away day with the MX5.  It has given us a wee taster for our 3/4 weeks with the car down in England.

22nd May 2012 19:01 :: Andy & Bev
A great weekend from start to finish , so glad it didn\'t rain !! though , Many thanks to Wendy,  next time 2 nights , everybody camping and a big BBQ  !!!

22nd May 2012 19:53 :: Frankie
Great top-down driving, great company, great weather, great food....anybody guessed yet that it was a GREAT weekend? This is definitely one to put on the planning calendar for next year!

23rd May 2012 21:57 :: Brian - part of FAB
It looks like they may need a bigger campsite next year never mind a bigger tent!!  A huge thanks to everyone who took part, both the Saturday trippers and the hard core week-enders.  Another great outing from the Hi-5s!!

24th May 2012 08:10 :: Andy & Bev
oops....7.32 minutes..

27th May 2012 22:31 :: Greg & Jean
Thanks to FAB and Als for organising a splendid drive. The unbelievable weather improvement certainly played a big part.The day got off to a great start with an exemplary lead drive by Al which enabled us all to enjoy our amazing MX5s.The food was good at both stops and of course the the Bealach is always a great drive as long as you get a clear run.Sorry we couldn't stay overnight but hopefully we will next year. We had a great run back with Dave and Val, ending with an excellent meal in the North Kessock Hotel. We would certainly like to see the Applecross run become an annual event. Thanks to every one.
Greg & Jean

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