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Pub Meet Bo'ness
Thu 29th Mar 2012
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 9
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Pub Meet - Bo'ness

The Corbie Inn

Thursday 29th March 2012

Once again we had another great pub night, the first in the Corbie Inn Bo’ness.

During the evening the guys all had the offer of sampling the 6 ales on tap and many of them took up the offer [Hic!]. Stuart arrived at 8:00pm to do the tour of the micro-brewery, the group split into two groups for the tour and had a surprise when they noticed that Stuart had called the new ale ‘Mazda’ in our honour. We had the opportunity to taste the dried hops and Stuart explained the process of making ale which was very interesting. At the end of the night I was presented with a certificate stating that I had organised a ‘Piss- up in a Brewery’.


It was so nice to meet George and Kenny again also Raymond who was in the district and came for the evening. Poor soul had to travel all the way home to Largs afterwards.

The food was fantastic and made to order. Gail and her staff did us proud, the members all felt so relaxed in the winged chairs and the atmosphere was great as there was no TV or jukebox, we could hear what each other was saying. We all agreed that we must visit the Corbie Inn once again and we recommend it to our readers too try it out if you are in the area.

Report by: Maria

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Your Comments
30th Mar 2012 06:39 :: Gavin
Aother great night and this time at a new venue. Great food, great selection of ales and great company. Good brewary tour too.

30th Mar 2012 14:19 :: Raymond
Thoroughly enjoyable night in great company & food was tastey.  I am pleased I stopped by - roads very clear going home!

30th Mar 2012 16:15 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Another great evening, good food and company. Really enjoyed the micro-brewery visit and tasting the various beers.
Many thanks to Maria and Jim for organising it for us all to enjoy.

30th Mar 2012 17:20 :: chic and heather
Nice to have a different type of evening for our pub night.Enjoyable evening in good company with good food, tasty seection of ales and interesting brewery tour.

30th Mar 2012 20:16 :: Jim and Maria
A most enjoyable night once again, great company, food, beer. Thanks to everyone who attended to make it another successful night.

2nd Apr 2012 15:02 :: wattie97
Yep another good night out with MX5 cronies. Brewery tour was very interesting. Thanks to Stuart for that.Good food beer and company.
WAttie & Janet.

3rd Apr 2012 14:26 :: George
A very enjoyable evening ,pity I could not taste much of the ale but a very interesting visit.Nice to meet up with the guys again especially Maria and Jim.
Jim,thanks for the decals.

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