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Technical Day
Sun 6th Feb 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 14
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Nine cars met up at Stirling Services and after a bit of banter with some of our friends from the Honda S2000 Club we were off in convoy to Richard & Eileens.

The sun was out, although it was still pretty cold but everyone was well wrapped up and after a short journey we arrived to be welcomed by Richard & Eileen who had the place set up for us, including a lucky Gazebo in case it rained. It was not long before the courtyard was a hive of activity, Claire & Gordon had their timing done, Don changed his brake pads with Gavin's assistance and jill, well anyone who has met her will tell you she is one amazing lady, the jobs she has tackled on her car are endless, once she has found out how to do the job, she goes for it...with a passion, although it may of seemed a bit strange to watch her attack the foam on the drivers seat cushion with an electric carving knife, after which she assures us was a total success.

Before long we were called to the bbq pit lane by the celebrity chefs of the day...Dorothy & Charles who were in full swing and working as one turning sausages. Richard was, by now burning logs on the Chimmea which soon attracted a circle of bodies around it.
Time to get back to work and all the other little jobs were soon wiped out before people packed up to make their way home in the afternoon sun.

Another great Tech Day courtesy of Richard & Eileen, thanks again to them for their hospitality. Good to talk to Richard & Eileens son Gavin who is the proud owner of a minted Dakar. Thanks also to everyone for supporting the event and lending a hand when needed.


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Your Comments
6th Feb 2005 19:12 :: Jill
Fantastic Day!  What a buzz! Richard, you were fantastic... Eileen, thanks for the hospitality.  Great to meet everyone, and Tracy, you should tell everyone about your clock mod!!  Cheers, Jill

7th Feb 2005 16:10 :: Dot and Chas
Great day, great food and company!Many thanks to Douglas ,Richard and Eileen!

10th Feb 2005 09:38 :: Claire
Thanks for a fun day, the bbq and to Malcolm for sorting out my missing nuts and bolts amongst other things!

10th Feb 2005 18:32 :: JIll
Aw shucks Douglas... Now I'm REALLY sorry I can't make it tonight (funny no-one offered to babysit!).  Plan to attack the central locking this weekend!  Si, BEWARE!!

10th Feb 2005 18:52 :: Douglas
Can just imagine babysitting for your kids Jill...would be worried when they brought out the tool box with 20ft motorised lego creation

10th Feb 2005 20:55 :: JIll
AAhh! What did I miss?  And D, one kid is enough for me, but you are about right with the lego stuff...

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