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Pub Meet
Mon 2nd Jul 2012
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 11
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Your Comments
2nd Jul 2012 23:36 :: The ALs

Bet you cant guess what we hit on the way home tonight!

The clue is in the Title......

Yup, you guessed it, Bambi decided to play chicken with us just outside Elgin....we won we think. Cursory glance of the car suggests that we have been lucky and not damaged anything, hopefully Bambi (who rather rudely didn't stop to exchange insurance details) came off just as lightly.

Ironically this was on one of the few stretches of road in the north of Scotland that doesn't have a bloody "Danger Deer" sign on it.

2nd Jul 2012 23:43 :: wendy Haywood
What are the Hi5s trying to do wreck all their cars pleased this time car and passengers OK and of course Bambi they are very naughty playing chicken with you see you soon Wendy

2nd Jul 2012 23:46 :: tom
At least you are ok, cars can be fixed !! you got off lucky.
  Richard called me earlier and told me that the sme had happened to him and Graem on the way home too !!
  Bloody deer should have reflective collars fitted to them. !!

3rd Jul 2012 00:09 :: Graham K
On Sunday I met a herd of 50+ but they were easy to spot but took a while to get across the road. Interesting Al as we were only talking on Sunday of the damage they can do.

3rd Jul 2012 07:24 :: IanH

I have one of those, can't guarantee effectiveness but I haven't hit one since putting it on....

3rd Jul 2012 08:55 :: Frankie
Thankfully you are both OK, the car even if it does have damage can be fixed (usually after a bit of cursing). However, let this now be the end of car shenanigans please.

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