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Tech Day
Sun 17th Jun 2012
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 11
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Tech Day & Pebbles

Sunday 17th June 2012


Links Tyre Centre
21 Links Road
EH51 9AR

When we found out that we were going to lose the venue where most of our tech days have been held over the last 12 years since I got my first MX5, I started thinking of where else we could try.

I came away from the planning meeting to see if Links Tyres in Boíness would be willing to host us.

I dropped in to see Graeme and he agreed that we could hold the Tech Day at his Garage.

So on a very soggy Sunday morning we had 11 cars turn up. Marshall and Wattie got suited and booted and gave Gordon a hand with his rear brakes while Graeme carried out wheel alignment check on some of the other cars.
Davy had his Cat bypass pipe removed and the Cat re-instated following a recent emissions check.



Val had agreed to open her Jewellery shop, Pebbles, so the girls could go and max out on the plastic. Iím sure there are a few birthdays sorted out now.


Valsí Father was up from Newcastle in his Racing Bronze 1.8 Sport which he has only had for 4 weeks so he had his alignment checked and while his car was on the lift most of us inspected the underside of this 14 year old car.

And what did I get done? Two new rear tyres. And it gave us a chance to try out the Clubs new Cordless Impact Driver.  Verdict? Ask Wattie, he was like a kid with a new toy. I only got to put one wheel back on. Great toy though.

Many thanks to Graeme at Links Tyres for opening up on his one day off.

Iím sure weíll be back later in the year.

Report by: Gavin

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Your Comments
17th Jun 2012 17:06 :: Ian
Excellent tech day, good to see so many members getting their hands dirty.

17th Jun 2012 18:06 :: Jim and Maria
Lots of thank you's for today. Thanks to Graham at Links Tyres for the use of his garage and work he provided, Val and Kevin at Pebbles for opening to allow the ladies some shopping,Wattie and Marshall for their technical knowledge and work carried out,Gavin for arranging things with Graham and all the members who came along in what was a pretty bad day weather wise.

17th Jun 2012 18:38 :: Gordon T
A huge thank you to Wattie & Marshall for your "assistance" in keeping my hands relatively clean & soft.  ;-)
The search for a new calliper is on!

17th Jun 2012 21:30 :: Marshall and heather
Great day and heather didn't spend too much on my card which is always a bonus , Gordon mx5 parts do supply all the kit needed to have your caliper working tip top again

18th Jun 2012 12:45 :: Kevin and Jack
Thanks Gavin for a great day, Jack (Vals dad) really appreciated the welcome and all the advice and send a big thanks to Ian for the wee gift.

18th Jun 2012 17:43 :: wattie97
Enjoyed the tech day.Managed to get dirty again.Janet enjoyed shopping. All in all a good day out. Well done son.

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