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Classic Car Show
Sun 10th Jun 2012
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 10
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Tayside Classic Car Show

Sunday 10th June 2012

Seven Tayside and 1 Grampian car meet in a driech Tesco car park, all ready for the off, roofs were put down by all and we were away for the short 12 mile drive to Errol Airfield.

At The Horn Cafe we made a small detour to meet up with Brian and Karen from Central Area and new tayside members David and Gill Hayes.

Short time later we were at the entrance to the airfield where we joined a short queue where Marshalls were directing the cars to the various onsite locatios. We new knew where to go as Alex and I had visited the site yeterday to "Suss " things out.

The cars were soon parked up, then all hands on deck to put up the club event shelter, area banners, Mx-5 Flag plus various flags ect.

Fantastic MX-5's on display

Then the kettle was put on for a cuppa and a biccy, there was some light showers in the morning but this soon cleared and although overcast we all managed to put our roofs down and dry the cars.

We had numerous visitors asking about our cars and seeking advice from others re both body, paint and mechanical issue's ( this was from non members visiting the stand)

On the day it looks like we have now another three tayside cars owners who said that they would be joining and details on how to were given to them.

Jen and I plus the other all took turns to man the tent/stand and answer questions by anyone who asked.

I have attached photo's of our stand and of various older cars that were on site ( some of which i have owned in the past plus others that I would like now)

Once again many thank from Jen, Myself and Alex for todays good turn out.

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Your Comments
10th Jun 2012 16:58 :: Tom & Jen
Many thanks to all who turned up today for our run to Errol for the show it turned out to be a good day 

10th Jun 2012 17:10 :: JOHN&SANDRA
Interesting day and good chat---many thanks to Tom and other organisers ----thanks to members for all the technical tips- hood bar straps and all --did anyone solve the 3.5 engine noise boost!!!!!   

10th Jun 2012 18:19 :: Jim
Nice day out amongst some classics at Errol.

10th Jun 2012 19:30 :: Alex
Turned out to be a far better day than the morning weather suggested...excellent banter with old and new members, as well as all that lovely classic metal. Still drooling.

10th Jun 2012 20:08 :: Richard & Maureen (Grampian)
Many thanks Tom & Alex for organising a fun day out despite the weather. Thoroughly enjoyed the company and banter as always. Alex, maureen thinks your drooling is just an age thing!!!

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