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Ma5da Racing & The Gathering
Sun 22nd Jul 2012
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 85
[ show event report ]

Ma5da Racing and The Gathering

Sunday 22nd July 2012

by Dunfermline,
KY12 9TF


Following the success of the "Mazda Racing Championships" at Knockhill in 2011 the cars and drivers are returning to do battle. With around 100 racing Mazda MX-5s taking to the track with full grids of Mk1 and Mk3's it should be another great days racing.

But that's not all, we will also be holding "The Gathering" at the same time. Knockhill have kindly offered us a track side location truly fitting this prestigious annual event.

So why not bring along your MX-5 and join us in the celebration. Non MX-5 Owners Club members are also very welcome to join in, so why not come along and enjoy the experience with us.

Ma5da Racing
Ma5da Racing 2011


08:30 - Ma5da MX5 Cup Championship (15 Mins)
08:55 - National Legends
09:20 - Ma5da MX5 Championship Group A v Group C (20 Mins)
09:50 - Celtic Speed Mini Cooper Cup
10:15 - Scottish Legends Championship
10:40 - Ma5da MX5 Championship Group B v Group D (20 Mins)
11:10 - National Legends
11:35 - Scottish Fiesta Championship
12:00 - Ma5da MX5 Cup Championship (15 Mins)

12:15 - LUNCH BREAK (Club cars on track for parade lap)

13:15 - Scottish Saloons & Sportscars Championship
13:40 - Ma5da MX5 Championship Group C v Group D (20 Mins)
14:10 - Scottish Formula Ford 1600
14:35 - Ma5da MX5 Cup Championship (15 Mins)
15:00 - National Legends
15:25 - Ma5da MX5 Championship Group A v Group B (20 Mins)
15:55 - Celtic Speed Mini Cooper Cup
16:20 - Scottish Legends Championship

The Gathering

The Gathering is now into its 6th year. This event just keeps getting better and better. Over the years this event has been held at various locations within Scotland, this will be a first for Knockhill. Let's all get together and make 2012 the best yet.

Read about the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, events here.

Sale of Tickets:
Tickets can now be bought in advance through the Knockhill website. Prices are £5.00 per person using the code MX5OC to receive discount. Knockhill Racing Circuit

On the Day:
  • The gates open to the public at 0800 am. At the gate ask to be directed to the MX5 event down at the Skid Pan.

  • The MX-5 Owners Club Shop will be open for business.

  • Western Mazda will be there with the new MX-5 Kuro special edition.

  • Western Mazda will also have accessories, parts and merchandise for sale and offer promotional pricing for the day. Service bookings will also be offered at a discount price.

  • Chris Stonebank, MX-5 brand analyst will be in attendance to offer inside knowledge on forthcoming models etc.

  • At the lunch interval there will be a cavalcade round the circuit. Information will be given on the day as to the exact times. Parade will be in single file but at the final hairpin we will form lines three abreast for a photoshoot.

  • And lots more

The Mazda refreshment trailer will be on site.

Car Judging:
Knockhill Racing Circuit have kindly donated seven trophies to be awarded to cars judged in the following categories :
  • Best unmodified MK1

  • Best modified MK1

  • Best unmodifiedMK2/2.5

  • Best modified MK2/2.5

  • Best unmodified MK3/MK3.5

  • Best modified MK3/MK3.5

  • Best car in show.
All cars are eligible for entry.

We will be holding a raffle for our nominated charity Ronald McDonald House during The Gathering. As always, any donations for prizes would be gratefully received. Knockhill Racing Circuit have kindly donated a pair of tickets for the forthcoming British Touring Car Championship event.

Event organiser: Gavin

Cars Attending so far:

01 - Gavin
02 - Moira & Gordon
03 - Jen & Tom (Discount tickets booked online) Modified mk2 and Mk3 Classes
04 - Jacqueline & Ian (Discount tickets booked online) Modified Mk3.5 Class
05 - Janet & Wattie
06 - Alex
07 - Marion & Graham
08 - Paul (From Cheshire Area)
09 - Maria & Jim
10 - Robert & Craig
11 - Sandra & Colin (Discount tickets booked online)
12 - Pamela & Steven(Discount tickets booked online) Unodified Mk3 Class
13 - Sue & Gordon
14 - Paul
15 - Heather & Marshall
16 - Stewart
17 - Val & Kevin
18 - Ali & Drew
19 - Marg & David
20 - Sarah
21 - Kev Modified Mk1 Class
22 - Denise & Peter
23 - Marcia & Raymond (Discount tickets booked online) Modified Mk3.5 Class
24 - Heather & Chic (Discount tickets booked online) Unmodified Mk2.5 Class
25 - Kay & Norman (Discount tickets booked online) Unmodified Mk2.5 Class
26 - Alan
27 - Karen & Blitz
28 - Rosie & Frank
29 - Susan
30 - Angus
32 - Steven & Jenny (Discount tickets booked online) Unmodified Mk2 Class
33 - Chrisk
34 - Olie
35 - Ian McHattie
37 - Calum & Hazel
38 - Nikos
40 - Ken & Julie
42 - Steven & Dawn
43 - Richard Modified Mk3 Class
44 - Peter & Oliver
45 - David
46 - Deborah & Chris (Discount tickets booked online)
47 - Ross
48 - Jim & Son
49 - Stella & Nigel
50 - Jack the Geordie
51 - Ramsay Unmodified Mk1 Class
52 - Scott
53 - Graham Modified Mk3 Class
54 - Maureen & Richard (Discount tickets booked online) Unmodified Mk3.5 Class
55 - Margaret & Andy  (Discount tickets booked online) Modified Mk3 Class
56 - Denise & Peter
57 - Craig
58 - Carol & Evan
59 - Steve (Goodwood Sportscars)
60 - Smiles & ? (Discount tickets booked online) Unmodified Mk1 Class
61 - Pam & Shane Unmodified Mk3.5 Class
62 - Betty & Robert
63 - Annemarie & Les
64 - Frankie & Brian
65 - Wendy
66 - The Als
67 - Val & Dave
68 - Steve
69 - Bev & Andy
70 - Dianne & John

Please post below if you wish to join us.

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Your Comments
22nd Jul 2012 20:57 :: Jacqueline & Ian
What a brilliant day at Knockhill with the Gathering and Ma5da racing. It was also fantastic to see such a large number of club cars and members enjoying the event.

Many thanks to Maria, Jim, Gavin and everyone else for all the work involved, it was well worth it. 

22nd Jul 2012 21:02 :: Frank & Rosie
Thank you for a super day, organisation superb, 'goodie bags' great, and lovely to see so many friendly faces again. 

22nd Jul 2012 21:16 :: Colin and Sandra
Thanks to all those that organised today. Great to see so many faces.

22nd Jul 2012 21:41 :: Alex
Big thanks to Jim, Maria and Gavin for organising such a brilliant day out. Great to see such a good turnout. Now, didn't everyone just want to give it some serious wellie when we were on track?

22nd Jul 2012 22:12 :: alan
Brilliant day at knockhill a big thanks to Gavin, Maria and Jim for  organising the event.

22nd Jul 2012 22:14 :: Kev (Five Alive)
Great day.  Superb racing as usual.  The owner turn out was equally as impressive. Hope the red Mk1 with the coolant problems got home ok. 

22nd Jul 2012 22:21 :: Brian - part of FAB
A huge thank you to Gavin, Jim and Maria for an excellent event from the Hi-5s!!  We had a brilliant day and look forward to seeing you all again before too long. Frankie and Brian (that's FAB)

22nd Jul 2012 22:35 :: pamela and steven
what a great day today!! Great to see soo many MX-5\'s from all over the place!!! Loved the run round the track eventhough i was only a passenger. Thanks to everyone who organised the day :)

22nd Jul 2012 22:38 :: WSBen
Must agree with all comments, a brilliant day out and many thanks to the organisers. a superb effort put in by all....well done. Now looking frwrd to next year.

22nd Jul 2012 23:13 :: Tom and Jen
Thanks to all at Central for a great day out, weather was reasonably kind to us on the day, Met old friends and made some new ones too.Second what Alex said, i just wanted to put my foot down and go play when on the circuit.
  Wonder where and when it will be next year !!
good day oot !!!

23rd Jul 2012 10:13 :: Marshall and heather
Cant believe you managed to top last years event but you did, a real credit to all who organised the day, we had a great time racing was amazing and somehow managed to take home a trophy still in shock at that

23rd Jul 2012 10:24 :: Ian McHattie
Thanks everyone at Central for putting on a great show, excellent racing and a good venue to promote our cars, Sue and I had a wonderful day and look forward to seeing you all next year at the Spring Rally.

23rd Jul 2012 10:28 :: Ali & Drew
Jim, Maria, Gavin thanks for a great day out, and well done my son Chris for winning best unmodified Mk3-3.5. I will get you to prep my car for next year!!!

23rd Jul 2012 12:44 :: Richard & Maureen (Grampian)
Big thanks to Central for organising a super day.

23rd Jul 2012 14:59 :: chic and heather
Thanks to everyone who worked to put this event on and particlarly to Gavin, Jim and Maria.
A thoroughly enjoyable day.
The Irish guys also offered their thanks and really enjoyed their first visit to the gathering

23rd Jul 2012 15:14 :: John and Dianne
Thanks to Maria, Jim, Gavin and everyone else who helped.
I'm looking forward to next year - knockhill seems the perfect venue for our Annual Gathering. Like Tom and Alex said, I just wanted to give it some wellie. I had a wee chance to make Dianne utter a few interesting words when I accelerted sharply on a couple of the stretches on the parade lap. The 1.8 sport is a great car!
Next year can we split into 4 groups and have a blast around the track LOL.

23rd Jul 2012 15:15 :: john
Car count. I notice the car count is missing. I did catch one of the Marshalls at Knockhill say it was 75 cars.

23rd Jul 2012 16:28 :: Peter & Denise
Thanks for a great day out! Got to agree with Alex...can we have a race day the next time?

23rd Jul 2012 16:36 :: Jim Ford
Thanks to Gavin for all his work. We would also like to thank all the members who helped on Saturday night and Sunday. Car count on the track was 75 cars with 13 cars still in the show area. Thanks to Western Mazda Edinburgh for providing the Mazda hospitality trailer and refreshments. Also a big thank you to Knockhill for supplying trophies and a super venue. Also thanks to everyone who attended in weather more suited to October than July.

23rd Jul 2012 16:40 :: Jim Ford
I forgot to thank Ian Fleming for attending with his stock of Mazda Owners merchandise. I am sure there were a lot of people glad of his stock off fleeces and hats.

23rd Jul 2012 18:03 :: Marcia & Raymond
Our thanks also to Maria, Jim & Gavin for all their hard work in putting the event together & the goodie bags. A shame it wasn't sunnier like last year but it stayed dry at least & the circuit laps were fun. Great to see that many from far & near attended and topped last years numbers.

23rd Jul 2012 20:08 :: Dot and Chas
Thanks again to Maria, Jim and Gavin for a great day out, nice
to see some old friend again, it's been a while!!


23rd Jul 2012 20:58 :: robert craig
Thanks for a well organised day out.
Robert, Stephen and Craig

24th Jul 2012 23:11 :: Kaz1003 (Scottish Fiver)
What a great day!Well done to everybody involved in the organisation of the gathering,also to Knockhill and Western Mazda.
Was great to see so many gorgeous MX5s in one place and to meet and chat to fellow owners.
Loved it!

24th Jul 2012 23:19 :: Iain Benzie
Well done to all for an excellent well organised day out just what Sundays are made for. Some really nice cars on display too.
Thanks, Iain (scottish fivers)

25th Jul 2012 15:42 :: wattie97
Another great day out with MX5 cronies.Thanks to all who turned up and make it a super day. Thanks also to Gav Jim and Maria for organising it all.

27th Jul 2012 15:55 :: Gavin
Anyone out there owning up to winning the best modified Mk2? Is there a photo of the presentation?

27th Jul 2012 18:13 :: Richard
There was no unmodified MK2 so the only award was to Modified Mk2. Graham Walker should have got the modified cert & Trophy

27th Jul 2012 18:16 :: Richard & Eileen
Great Day again thank you to everyone that organized it!!

27th Jul 2012 19:38 :: Evan & Carol
Great day.Many thanks to Gavin, Jim & Maria and all the members who had a part in organising the day.

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