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Ma5da Racing & The Gathering
Sun 22nd Jul 2012
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 85
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Ma5da Racing and The Gathering

Sunday 22nd July 2012

When we had our planning meeting at the end of last year there were very few volunteers for organising runs for 2012 as our turnout was to say the least pretty poor for the largest Owners Club  Area in Scotland. One of the possible future events was a return to Knockhill, the Home of Scottish Motorsport, when the MX5s return in the summer of 2012. I put my hand up to organise the event should we be invited back by Knockhill.

Our new ACs, Jim and Maria Ford and I discussed the possibility of combining our annual ‘Gathering’ with the event. This had always been a suggestion by Knockhill in the past but had not been carried forward for some reason or another. Jim cleared it with the ACs from the other Areas that we would plan the Gathering in 2012.

Anyway, in February I got the call from Stuart Gray up at Knockhill to say that due to the success of last year Mazda Racing were expanding the weekends racing and were putting on more MX5 races and 100 MX5s on track and would we like to bring the Club along again. I said that we would be delighted. So the wheels were put in to motion, so to speak.

There was a small unofficial ‘committee’ put together, totally voluntarily, I hasten to add, to go up to Knockhill to meet with Stuart Gray and Gemma Hobbs from the Knockhill Management.
At the first meeting we went out to look at two possible bases for our Gathering and then went back to the office to discuss the finer points for the event.

While all of this was ongoing Central Scotland were invited to an open day at Western Mazda Edinburgh to look at their facilities in Edinburgh and to meet the staff along with offers of car health checks and quizzes and offers of discounts etc. This gave us an idea. Why not see if Western Mazda would like to ‘get on board’ for the Gathering. The result, more than delighted, and in fact they were prepared to offer so much more.

After one or two further visits up to Knockhill and numerous e-mails and phone calls  the weekend loomed.

On the Saturday afternoon Ian, Maria, Jim, Wattie, Janet and I went up to Knockhill to get the key for our base at the Skid Pan HQ where we were able to prepare all of the ‘goodie bags’ and cordon off our ‘patch’. Western Mazda had already delivered 3 MX5s from their showroom in Edinburgh and also arranged for the Mazda corporate display trailer to be delivered. This duly arrived while we were there. Once all was ready we duly set off for home.

After an early rise on the Sunday morning we set off up to Knockhill to arrive at 7.30 for the Gathering. It was cold and windy and certainly not like last year where heatstroke and sunburn was the order of the day. We got the Club shelter erected and duly anchored to the ground with Wattie, as usual, wielding his favourite power tool, the high torque impact driver.  By this time the cars were beginning to arrive so we directed them to park up either to be displayed or just park with the rest of us. We had cars coming up from Cheshire, Northern Ireland and Tyneside as well as the other Scottish Areas. We had new faces and some not so new joining us on the day.

The full 85 car attendance

The first race was an MX5 one and started at 8.30 so a few hardy souls wandered over to the first bend to take in the action. Others ventured further around the circuit to try and capture the action. In the meantime Maria was getting Indemnity signatures for the  lunchtime parade laps and Janet was selling raffle tickets in the shelter. Ian Fleming had also arrived and set up his Owners Club Regalia stand. I think Fleeces and body warmers must have been the best sellers on the day.
While all of this was going on the hot drinks in the Mazda hospitality trailer were flowing pretty much like the floods we had during the week.

The last race before lunch was an MX5 one but we also had to prepare for the parade laps so we all lined up behind the Mazda CX5 which Western had brought with them for the event. When the  circuit was cleared of any broken racing MX5s and the Marshalls came in from the cold for their lunch we were allowed out on to the circuit for the parade laps, 1.3 miles of MX5s. When we got to the last lap we stopped on the home straight for a photo opportunity 72 MX5s parked up behind the CX5 and the Safety car. All too soon it was time to return to the Skid Pan area. 13 cars had remained in the pits while their owners dusted and polished them for the best in class competition.

72 MX-5's and 1 CX5 on the track

At the end of lunch the raffle was held and prizes were duly handed out. Many thanks to all who kindly donated prizes where we raised the sum of £285.30, the proceeds of which will go towards our nominated charity this year.

During the afternoon we had Knockhill staff judge the competition cars with the results as follows:

Best Unmodified Mk1: Ian McHattie

Best Modified Mk1:    Kev Edwards

Best Modified Mk2:  Graham Walker

Best Unmodified Mk3: Chris Ness

Best Modified Mk3:    Marshall Hunter

Best Overall MX5:      Ian McHattie

Ian, Kev, Graham, Chris and Marshall
The prize winners

Around the time of the prize giving at the end of the day the rain finally arrived and all hands were pressed in to dismantling the shelter and pack everything into the cars to take home.

Thank you to all of you who turned up on the day. I hope no-one caught hyperthermia.

Thanks must go to Knockhill Racing Circuit for inviting us up again this year and for their generosity by donating the competition trophies and raffle prizes.
Also thanks to Western Mazda Edinburgh for supporting us and also for their raffle prize donations.

Finally, to those members of Central Scotland Area who made this event happen, and you know who you are. Thank you.

Haste ye back

Report by:Gavin

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Your Comments
22nd Jul 2012 20:57 :: Jacqueline & Ian
What a brilliant day at Knockhill with the Gathering and Ma5da racing. It was also fantastic to see such a large number of club cars and members enjoying the event.

Many thanks to Maria, Jim, Gavin and everyone else for all the work involved, it was well worth it. 

22nd Jul 2012 21:02 :: Frank & Rosie
Thank you for a super day, organisation superb, 'goodie bags' great, and lovely to see so many friendly faces again. 

22nd Jul 2012 21:16 :: Colin and Sandra
Thanks to all those that organised today. Great to see so many faces.

22nd Jul 2012 21:41 :: Alex
Big thanks to Jim, Maria and Gavin for organising such a brilliant day out. Great to see such a good turnout. Now, didn't everyone just want to give it some serious wellie when we were on track?

22nd Jul 2012 22:12 :: alan
Brilliant day at knockhill a big thanks to Gavin, Maria and Jim for  organising the event.

22nd Jul 2012 22:14 :: Kev (Five Alive)
Great day.  Superb racing as usual.  The owner turn out was equally as impressive. Hope the red Mk1 with the coolant problems got home ok. 

22nd Jul 2012 22:21 :: Brian - part of FAB
A huge thank you to Gavin, Jim and Maria for an excellent event from the Hi-5s!!  We had a brilliant day and look forward to seeing you all again before too long. Frankie and Brian (that's FAB)

22nd Jul 2012 22:35 :: pamela and steven
what a great day today!! Great to see soo many MX-5\'s from all over the place!!! Loved the run round the track eventhough i was only a passenger. Thanks to everyone who organised the day :)

22nd Jul 2012 22:38 :: WSBen
Must agree with all comments, a brilliant day out and many thanks to the organisers. a superb effort put in by all....well done. Now looking frwrd to next year.

22nd Jul 2012 23:13 :: Tom and Jen
Thanks to all at Central for a great day out, weather was reasonably kind to us on the day, Met old friends and made some new ones too.Second what Alex said, i just wanted to put my foot down and go play when on the circuit.
  Wonder where and when it will be next year !!
good day oot !!!

23rd Jul 2012 10:13 :: Marshall and heather
Cant believe you managed to top last years event but you did, a real credit to all who organised the day, we had a great time racing was amazing and somehow managed to take home a trophy still in shock at that

23rd Jul 2012 10:24 :: Ian McHattie
Thanks everyone at Central for putting on a great show, excellent racing and a good venue to promote our cars, Sue and I had a wonderful day and look forward to seeing you all next year at the Spring Rally.

23rd Jul 2012 10:28 :: Ali & Drew
Jim, Maria, Gavin thanks for a great day out, and well done my son Chris for winning best unmodified Mk3-3.5. I will get you to prep my car for next year!!!

23rd Jul 2012 12:44 :: Richard & Maureen (Grampian)
Big thanks to Central for organising a super day.

23rd Jul 2012 14:59 :: chic and heather
Thanks to everyone who worked to put this event on and particlarly to Gavin, Jim and Maria.
A thoroughly enjoyable day.
The Irish guys also offered their thanks and really enjoyed their first visit to the gathering

23rd Jul 2012 15:14 :: John and Dianne
Thanks to Maria, Jim, Gavin and everyone else who helped.
I'm looking forward to next year - knockhill seems the perfect venue for our Annual Gathering. Like Tom and Alex said, I just wanted to give it some wellie. I had a wee chance to make Dianne utter a few interesting words when I accelerted sharply on a couple of the stretches on the parade lap. The 1.8 sport is a great car!
Next year can we split into 4 groups and have a blast around the track LOL.

23rd Jul 2012 15:15 :: john
Car count. I notice the car count is missing. I did catch one of the Marshalls at Knockhill say it was 75 cars.

23rd Jul 2012 16:28 :: Peter & Denise
Thanks for a great day out! Got to agree with Alex...can we have a race day the next time?

23rd Jul 2012 16:36 :: Jim Ford
Thanks to Gavin for all his work. We would also like to thank all the members who helped on Saturday night and Sunday. Car count on the track was 75 cars with 13 cars still in the show area. Thanks to Western Mazda Edinburgh for providing the Mazda hospitality trailer and refreshments. Also a big thank you to Knockhill for supplying trophies and a super venue. Also thanks to everyone who attended in weather more suited to October than July.

23rd Jul 2012 16:40 :: Jim Ford
I forgot to thank Ian Fleming for attending with his stock of Mazda Owners merchandise. I am sure there were a lot of people glad of his stock off fleeces and hats.

23rd Jul 2012 18:03 :: Marcia & Raymond
Our thanks also to Maria, Jim & Gavin for all their hard work in putting the event together & the goodie bags. A shame it wasn't sunnier like last year but it stayed dry at least & the circuit laps were fun. Great to see that many from far & near attended and topped last years numbers.

23rd Jul 2012 20:08 :: Dot and Chas
Thanks again to Maria, Jim and Gavin for a great day out, nice
to see some old friend again, it's been a while!!


23rd Jul 2012 20:58 :: robert craig
Thanks for a well organised day out.
Robert, Stephen and Craig

24th Jul 2012 23:11 :: Kaz1003 (Scottish Fiver)
What a great day!Well done to everybody involved in the organisation of the gathering,also to Knockhill and Western Mazda.
Was great to see so many gorgeous MX5s in one place and to meet and chat to fellow owners.
Loved it!

24th Jul 2012 23:19 :: Iain Benzie
Well done to all for an excellent well organised day out just what Sundays are made for. Some really nice cars on display too.
Thanks, Iain (scottish fivers)

25th Jul 2012 15:42 :: wattie97
Another great day out with MX5 cronies.Thanks to all who turned up and make it a super day. Thanks also to Gav Jim and Maria for organising it all.

27th Jul 2012 15:55 :: Gavin
Anyone out there owning up to winning the best modified Mk2? Is there a photo of the presentation?

27th Jul 2012 18:13 :: Richard
There was no unmodified MK2 so the only award was to Modified Mk2. Graham Walker should have got the modified cert & Trophy

27th Jul 2012 18:16 :: Richard & Eileen
Great Day again thank you to everyone that organized it!!

27th Jul 2012 19:38 :: Evan & Carol
Great day.Many thanks to Gavin, Jim & Maria and all the members who had a part in organising the day.

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