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Spring Weekend
Fri 4th May 2012 to Mon 7th May 2012
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 9
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With five cars leaving Dundee (including Graham, Eddie and Joan, and Richard and Maureen from Grampian) picking up a further two at Perth, we were off on our weekend to Skye.  With the customary stop at The Green Wellie, it was onwards to Connel Bridge via the slightly longer coast road before heading north through Fort William and Skye. In 220 miles, some hold ups were inevitable (tourists...huh!) but all in all, we were fortunate to have pretty much empty roads, all with the top down, particularly the last 30 or so miles taken at an almost constant 60mph through beautifully sweeping bends. After meeting up with Colin (our vanguard) and calling in at our respective digs, it was of to Saucy Mary’s for some well appreciated nosh,
as well as the odd beverage (remember people, what happened in Saucy Mary’s
stays in Saucy Mary’s).

Saturday morning saw everyone fed, watered and
fuelled, then down to Eilean Donan to meet up with OC members from Cheshire and
North Wales. With a couple of members electing to have a slightly quieter day
on Skye, we were off towards Loch Carron and Applecross through Scotland’s only
alpine pass (Tom might even post his video once he’s managed to bleep out his
displeasure at the tourist coming down the pass in his motorhome). Lunch and
banter was held at the café at the Applecross campsite before heading up the
coast road towards Shieldaig. The scenery, weather and road were all brilliant.
At Shieldaig, we parted company from our southern cousins and headed east to
Achnasheen where the weather had a change of heart…well, it was too good to
last. At Achnasheen I left to continue home, with Tom and the others returning
to Skye, looking forward to the rest of the weekend ahead. All in all, I don’t
think I’ve had a better day behind the wheel.

It's hoped that a more
comprehensive report can be prepared for STHT....hopefully.


Following on from Alex's report here is part two!! We parted company with the Cheshire North Wales mob at Kinlochewe, they turned left to their destination and we turned right towards Achnasheen. We entered another world!! We drove first through rain, then a blizzard!. so we had all four seasons on our run today!!
We parted company first with Graham who turned off to do a photo shoot??... then Alex who was heading back to Dundee.
Then there were two!! We took off down the road heading back to our B & B in Kyleakin on Skye, as the roads were quite we had a fantastic "Spirited Run" (that’s all i am saying about it) snow/rain disappeared, the sun came out and boy did we enjoy ourselves, down to Strathcarron, over past Plockton and onto our final stop, The mostly single track roads were quiet, which allowed us to let the Mx5 and us enjoy what they were made for, smiles all around back at B & B even although Richard had a pair of sweaty palms!! Brilliant day out, enjoyed by all, I think more so from our southerly neighbours who for many was the first time this far north .
Sunday was a far quieter day everyone could do their own thing, Alice and Mabel (our new member albeit a passenger in Alice’s car, had a great time) went for a run themselves, ditto to Ian and Dot in their new (to them) lovely Storm Blue Mk2.5 Eddie and Joan left to do grandparent duties as well as Colin who headed home.
That left three, Jen and I, Richard and Maureen, and Graham. We headed north to Portree, where we stopped at the Cafe in the square, we were well impressed with what was ordered coffee/tee was hot and nice but Maureen and my own huge portions of chocolate cake were really brilliant!! We left then head north around the top of Skye bypassing Uig before heading to Dunvegan Castle where once again we had a coffee stop.
The journey back to B & B was again fab, weather was great and once again it was roofs down all day.
Monday, up early, had full breakfast, we said good bye to Dot, Ian, Alice and Mabel as they were heading home via Fort William that left three. we went to the garage to fuel up for our drive to Granton on Spey where we were meeting up with the Welsh crew again, we went via Inverness and enjoyed our run down the side of Loch Ness, all to soon we were at the welsh crews hotel.
Once again as it was sunny!! (I know but honestly we do get it on some days) then it was off once more, our route taking us down over the Lecht (we stopped there for photo shoot) the Cock Bridge, down to Ballater (toilet stop and some fancy hats/head warmers were purchased) then onto Braemar where it started raining!! we stopped to allow the visitors a brief look around before heading south via Cairnwell Summit and ski centre down to Spittal of Glenshee Hotel where we were treated to our light lunch of soup and sandwiches.
There were smiles all around, everyone was enjoying themselves, we said our goodbyes to the Welsh as we would be heading home from Coupar Angus and to Richard and Maureen who were going north and home.
I stopped at Coupar Angus for a last photo-op as the cars went past and we waved goodbye.
As Alex has said, and I agree I cannot remember when I last enjoyed myself so much, the Mx5 excelled itself, dead chuffed is an under statement. Roll on next year and hopefully a repeat


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Your Comments
7th May 2012 14:57 :: colin (alf) Tayside
Nice to get away for a couple of days especially when the weather and the company are so good.Well Maureen did he ask you ?!?!

8th May 2012 09:42 :: Allie
great weather, excellent BB. scenery was fab. was sorry the Sun. group run was called off, I was looking forward to that one. great weekend though thanks for organizing it Tom.

8th May 2012 13:13 :: Richard & Maureen (Grampian)
Tom & Alex
Thanks for all your efforts in organising a super weekend, good company, nice weather (not sure how you managed that one), pleasant B&B, fantastic roads through stunning scenery, meeting up with cheshire & north wales bunch. All in all a very enjoyable weekend.
Colin do you know something i dont?lol!
Tom big thanks for the escort from achnasheen to loch alsh!!!

8th May 2012 16:32 :: Alex
Please, please, pretty please, can we do this again next year? Never have I had so much fun with so many miles, with so little mpg and so many calories, in such a short space of time. It was simply brilliant to have so many empty roads to share with our chums from Cheshire and North Wales...and the weather!! Superb.

8th May 2012 20:25 :: Tom and Jen
Many thanks to all who managed to come on this trip to Skye.Fantastic weekend, stunning scenery, great company,lots of laughs, food excellant.
The runs on all days were "out of this world" straights,bends,twistys, tunnel,yumps we had it all and all our wee cars were well up for it too. Richard we loved our return to our digs via Achnasheen,Strathcarron and Plockton was superb ! sitting here smiling at the thought of it !
  And like Alex say would'nt it be great to go again next year !!!

9th May 2012 03:42 :: Paul Mckay CNW AC
Hi all, on behalf of the Cheshire and North Wales I would like to extend a hearty thanks for the brilliant hospitality towards us in playing hosts for the Applecross Pas run.
Tom and Jen played a blinder in the organisation and the run up to Applecross was a sight to be believed, nearly 24 cars in line snaking their way up. Lunch was at Applecross campsite which went down well especially cakes to die for.
Tom yet again did us proud by meeting up with us at Grantown  on the Monday morning and leading us down south through some amazing roads and scenery and again topped off with lunch at  Spittal of Glenshee hotel. Thanks also to Richard and Maureen for playing co-hosts on the run down.
You guys have an amazing country which quite literally blew us all away especially as the sun shone all weekend. Talk is a foot of a repeat visit in 2014.
Cheers all.
Thanks again Tom and Jen and will see you at Tatton on June

9th May 2012 23:08 :: Ian & Aileen
It sounds a fantastic trip and we are so sorry we couldn't make it. 

For those who don't know I can't drive at the moment but I am due to have an operation in a couple of weeks time which will hopefully sort things out.

Fingers crossed we will be OK for future events (even if not immediate ones !)

Ian & Aileen

10th May 2012 13:01 :: Richard
Alex, don\'t know if I can wait a whole year. Might need to head over before that and get another fix of plockton to sheildaig via the pass, it was soooooooooooo good!!!

10th May 2012 21:38 :: Alex
Richard...I've got my bags packed and ready to go back next weekend. Only thing stopping me is the need to spend the rest of the year building up brownie points...and before you ask, I do know where the cheese is kept in the house.

11th May 2012 13:10 :: tom & Jen
Hi Ladies & Gents we are both up for doing this again.It was a hoot all weekend , the roads both A & B were really suited to our cars, as did the quite roads that allowed us to go "Play" without breaking any laws !! LOL !!.
  If the welsh or any other area wants to partake then let us know as the Tayside are up for it!!

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