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The Borders Run
Sun 2nd Sep 2012
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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The Borders Run

Sunday 2nd September 2012

After a late cancellation and two no-shows, 18 became 15 and we left Musselburgh as the sun was breaking through to stay with us all day. Despite the traffic lights on Musselburgh and Tranent high streets and Tom Tom's best efforts to distract us, we all made it onto the B6355 heading for Duns.

It soon became apparent that we were in the middle of an organised bike ride! Despite this, we had a good run through some of the lovely villages of East Lothian and into the Borders. At the first potential disaster area where we expected to lose a few on a difficult right turn at Cornhill we did very well to lose only one car. A bit embarrassing as it was the car immediately behind the lead car! A nearby roundabout had us all back together within minutes. Apart from a close encounter with a courteous tractor driver we had a good run to the toilet stop at Yetholm where the two Gordons jointly won the old man's race.

From Yetholm it was through Hownam to the car wash at Towford where the aptly named Fords almost got stuck because we hadn't left enough room on the other side. The only hiccup on our way to an excellent meal at the Carter's Rest in Jedburgh was the unexplained closure of the unclassified road behind Riverside Park. Thanks to excellent use of the radios and some neat reversing, we all made it via the A68 to the Canongate car park. The raffle raised 83 for Ronald Mc Donald house, a fantastic facility which our family has appreciated in the past.

After lunch, we surprisingly made it all together up the Castlegate and over the Dunion where we had to stop to investigate strange noises coming through the radios. We won't embarrass the culprit, but an admission and apology can be found in the postings. It gave us a good excuse to make sure we were all together, and Chris now knows how to work the buttons! The next excitement came on leaving Denholm, where someone's garden wall seemed to be lying in the middle of the road! From there it was plain sailing apart from a few hairy junctions, via Melrose, Abbotsford and across the A7 through the Yair Valley over good open roads to rejoin the A7 via Clovenfords and onwards to Stow where we took the B6362 to the end of the run in the hills just above Lauder. We knew one car was leaving us at Stow, but at the end of the run we were 13, so there may still be one car lost in the hills somewhere!

It was  good to see some new and prospective members on the run and, hopefully, they all enjoyed their day.

Finally many thanks to Ian Ness for all his help with TomTom and the web page.

Report by: Gordon & Moira


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Your Comments
2nd Sep 2012 20:10 :: Ali & Drew
Thanks Gordon & Moira for a great run, using car's pace to best effect - achieved lift off four times!!!

2nd Sep 2012 21:11 :: alan
Gordon and Moira what a brilliant day. thank you for organising such a great run and excellent lunch.

2nd Sep 2012 22:02 :: Chris K
Many thanks to Gordon and Moira for organising cracking run. A great day on some excellent MX5 roads.
Apologies for the musical interlude at the start of the second half. Now you\'ve all been....... Thunderstruck !!!!! ;)

3rd Sep 2012 06:57 :: Angus
Thanks for a great day

3rd Sep 2012 11:25 :: Marshall and heather
Well done Gordon and moira fantastic run and you even brought the sun now I\'m of to wash the car

3rd Sep 2012 17:49 :: Jim Ford
Thanks to Gordon and Moira for a brilliant day out, all their hard work paid off. The fact that members can organise these events make the club what it is.  Thank You.

3rd Sep 2012 17:50 :: chic and heather
Many thanks to Gordon and Moira for another excellently organised run on the great border roads.
Good food and weather added to the enjoyment as did the good company.
Hope you enjoyed a winding down drink or several afterwards

3rd Sep 2012 19:03 :: steven and pamela
A big thanks to Gordon and Moira for a fantastic run. The lunch was lovely as well and the sun was with us :) great to meet new people as well 

3rd Sep 2012 19:38 :: Stephen & Pamela
Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome. What a fantastic run. We had a great day out.

3rd Sep 2012 19:57 :: Evan
Enjoyed the run. Many thanks to Gordon & Moira for all the work they did in organising the run.

3rd Sep 2012 20:30 :: wattie97
Big thanks to Moira and Gordon. Great run on great roads and a nice venue for lunch.

4th Sep 2012 09:34 :: Gordon & Moira
Many thanks for your comments and for making the run (fairly!) easy to lead. Yes Chic the after run drinks went down well!

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