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First new year run
Sun 8th Jan 2012
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 7
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Tayside First New Year Run

Sunday 8th January 2012

Meet at 11:45 for a 12:00 departure

Meeting point:


Hi and a very Happy New Year to you all.

Now that you all have wished each other a happy new year and drank the toast to friends and family, it's time to get out to play. No set route in mind, will play by ear going by those hardie souls who take the time to make an appearance on the day.

So if your car is taxed and not sorned come along and hopefully if weather kind on the day we can have a nice run, a stop for refreshments plus a good blether, what more can you ask for.

If you If you wish to attend this event, please read the Drive Guide then post in the comment box below.

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Your Comments
8th Jan 2012 15:55 :: Tom,Jen & Jake
Many thanks to all who came out today,glad that you enjoyed the quite back roads that I took you on.thanks to Eddie and joan who came south (again !) to join us on a memorable first new year run.
  My thanks to Alex  ( our chief photographer) who is going to write the event report and add photographs too !!
  Brilliant day out,fab meal although Alex and Ian have put on a few pounds after eating the "Snowball Mountain"
  Nice to see new faces as well and hope that future runs are well attended too !!

8th Jan 2012 16:17 :: Ian & Aileen
Thanks for a good day out a good run and good grub Tom.  I think we had what passes for good weather at this time of year too and a fantastic sunset to drive home to.    It was good to meet some more people at last. We are just sorry we didn't get a chance to chat with everyone.  Maybe next time.        Oh and that snowball ice-cream was the last thing I needed in "the battle of the bulge" !

8th Jan 2012 16:28 :: Allie
Another great day, not to mention the food, brilliant, thanks to all for your company.

8th Jan 2012 18:28 :: Alex
Thanks for a braw day. Good company, good drive, good food and as you say Ian, good weather...all said and done.

8th Jan 2012 19:42 :: Ian Smith
Great photos (and captions) Alex.  The sunset one is very spectaular !

8th Jan 2012 20:07 :: Alex
Oops!! Sorry Aileen for getting your name wrong. I shall punish myself severely by opening the remaining box of Xmas Malteesers.

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