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Glen Clova
Sat 24th Mar 2012
organised by Grampian Scotland

Car Count : 12
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11 cars met up at Banchory (3 from Tayside), there should have been 12 but an error in differentiating between Saturday and Sunday meant one of our crew was happily out shopping rather than oot for a flee up the Cairn O' Mount. A good run up into brightening skies after the early morning haar took us through to Fettercairn where Simon joined the run. We had a nice run up to Glen Clova where a fine lunch was enjoyed. After undertaking the ritual examination of each others cars, comparing tyres and accessories etc we all set off on our respective onward routes. With Grampian members having different final destinations and time priorities and Taysiders heading back to their homeland 5 cars headed via Blairgowrie through Glenshee and back to the East. All in all a fantastic day out in fine conditions!

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Your Comments
24th Mar 2012 19:29 :: tom
Many thanks to Ian and the Grampian Crew for arranging this run and allowing us to attend.

24th Mar 2012 19:37 :: IanH
Tom, good to have you guys along, hopefully we'll meet up with the Tayside crew again through the year, Glen Clova Hotel nice food as usual.

24th Mar 2012 19:52 :: Alex
Agree with Tom, thanks to all for letting us Tayside interlopers tag along. Cairn 0 Mount, twice, a scoot up Clova, a third gear scoot back down...and all on a Saturday.

24th Mar 2012 21:20 :: Lorraine Grant
If is was not for me you'd all feel inferior! Anyway, my car was away for an MOT getting all ready for the run on Sunday!

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