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Burns the Return Run
Sat 29th Sep 2012 to Sun 30th Sep 2012
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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"Burns the Return" Run

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September 2012

On a sunny but cool morning we gathered in Biggar from various parts of the area and after morning rolls were consumed Jim welcomed everyone before we headed off southwest towards Abington.
A climb into the low clouds, which had gathered, brought us to Leadhills and then, thankfully, as we headed down the Mennock pass from Wanlockhead the skies brightened again to allow enjoyment of both the scenery and the roads traversed 200 years ago by Burns on horseback.
A northerly route from the bottom of the pass brought us into Mauchline full of its history of Burns life there with Jean Armour as well as its buildings which featured in Burns poems such as Poosie Nancies tavern as well as the graves in the auld kirkyard wherein lie the remains of many of Burns family along with the people who featured in his poems.
Continuing through this rural countryside we passed two of the farms leased and worked by Burns and then through Tarbolton where he formed the Bachelors club and on to Alloway where he was born.
A lunch stop at the Burns Birthplace Museum meant a quick dash inside to avoid the deluge from above but fortunately when we left the centre the sun had reappeared and we were able to wander around the sites which feature in Tam O’ Shanter  – Alloway Kirk and Brig O Doon as well as numerous sites of horrific deaths described in the poem.
After this stop we headed south through Kirkoswald and past Souter Johnnies cottage for a leisurely drive through Galloway Forest Park.  Some of the roads had suffered from the recent floods and were rather pot holed which slowed us down but once we got deeper into the forest the roads improved and allowed a slight increase in tempo.  It will be an impressive forest park once they plant some trees.
A sunny drive alongside Loch Ken brought us to our overnight stop in Castle Douglas.
A cup cake or two and refreshment or several and it was soon time to retire to freshen up for dinner.

Wattie proposed grace and Ian fiddled in the haggis to start proceedings for the evening. The haggis was duly addressed and toasted and after Heather returned it to the kitchen accompanied by Ian’s music we sat down to dinner.
On the conclusion of our meal Wattie then proposed the toast after dinner to allow some drinking to commence – some members, it has to be said, did not wait on this grace before starting to drink.
A raffle was held to raise funds toward this years charity and as ever members were generous in both their donation of prizes and their purchase of tickets which meant that a further £90 was raised. Wattie gave a rather Coo..ooool reception to one of his prizes but seeing as it was about his fifth maybe he was getting bored winning but it did bring a mirth to the evening which set the tone for the rest of the night.
Ian and Gordon once again entertained us to their folk music with, at times, a tenuous link to Burns and to them both we are all indebted as their music makes the whole weekend. As we enjoy ourselves they give of their time so many thanks to them both.

Gavin proposed a toast to “The Lassies” and Maria gave a response, both in the humerous style that has become traditional. Drew entertained with his poem in the style of Burns and “Holy Willie” appeared much to the enjoyment of the waitresses.
The assembled company concluded the evening with a rendition of Tam O’ Shanter and as the laughter subsided Ian and Gordon led us in Auld Lang Syne and then led us through to the bar.

Sunday morning lived up to the forecast with leaden skies and heavy rain so after breakfast we headed off into the back roads of Dumfries with a need for inflatables rather than MX5s.
The roads were wet, in some places submerged, and visibility was very poor so we tip toed our way around some sites that were part of Burns life before arriving at the Brows Well where he took his last and failed life saving plunge and drink and then on into Dumfries itself where he died.
As the weather was very poor we gave up on the idea of visiting the sites in Dumfries and went for coffee instead.
Eventually most of us met again at the Globe Inn and viewed the memorabilia such as Burns chair, the bed he had at the inn, his inscribing on the window and the porcelain under the bed …..apparently still to be emptied.

We returned to our cars, the skies brightened and the afternoon looked more pleasant. We said our goodbyes and headed home in several directions at the end of an enjoyable weekend.

Report by: Charles Kennedy


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Your Comments
30th Sep 2012 19:54 :: Marcia & Raymond
Marcia has asked me to thank you all for "looking after her" and to the hard work put in by Chic & Heather (and perhaps more) in organising the event. I have been hearing all about it, including the raffle! Sorry to have missed it but hope to see you at the pub meet.

30th Sep 2012 20:59 :: chic and heather
Thanks to everyone who came along - your company made the weekend.
Particular thanks to all who contributed - Ian and Gordon for the music which makes a night out so much more enjoyable, Maria and Gavin for their toast and reply, Drew for his poetry, Wattie for doing the grace before and the grace after dinner and everyone else for being good sports and taking part in Tam O Shanter 

1st Oct 2012 16:17 :: Ali & Drew
We had a great weekend - the run through Galloway Forest Park was terrific and the entertainmment on Saturday night was brilliant. Pity it rained on Sunday. Thanks to Chic, Heather and all the other contributors. Watch out I will be bringing the moaner along on Thursday pub night.

1st Oct 2012 16:18 :: wattie97
A super weekend with our MX5 cronies.Great roads just perfect for these wee cars. A brilliant night on Saturday with great entertainment.We had music, chat, poetry a few drinks and lots of laughter. A huge well done to Chic and Heather for all their hard work in organising the whole event. Wattie and Janet, 

1st Oct 2012 16:39 :: Gordon & Moira
Thanks to Chic and Heather for a great run. Shame about the Sunday morning weather as there must be some great views on a good day.Saturday evening was good fun, the audience participation "Tam" is always very entertaining!

1st Oct 2012 18:31 :: Jim and Maria
What a brilliant weekend. Thanks to Gavin, Maria and Wattie for their speeches ; Ian and Gordon for their excellent music and songs ; Chic for his Burns poems and Drew for his own poem. A huge thanks to Chic and Heather for all their hard work in making this weekend the success it was. Thanks also to all the members who attended.

1st Oct 2012 21:14 :: Marshall and heather
Well done Heather and Chic cant believe how much effort you must have put into this event, I'd even go as far to say we learnt a lot on Burns we never knew before. The evening entertainment could not have been topped .Great fun Great company lots of laughs .......  Oh and Deborah we loved your cup cakes !

2nd Oct 2012 18:22 :: Gavin
Great weekend of roads and Burns. Thanks to Chic and Heather for the tremendous efforts put into the organisation and endless recycling of the routes. Thanks also to Gordon and Ian for the musical interludes. Thanks also to those who posted and actually turned up. Hope you all enjoyed it.

2nd Oct 2012 21:02 :: Fiona and Ian
Another success, well done Chic and Heather for all their efforts.    Great roads and excellent company.

2nd Oct 2012 21:28 :: alan
Thanks to chic and heather for a brilliant saturday run . only sorry i couldnt stay over for the evening and the run the next day.

2nd Oct 2012 22:38 :: Chris & Deborah
We both had a great time on the run, some very enjoyable roads that will need to be driven again!  Enjoyed the evening entertainment and looking forward to the next run. 

3rd Oct 2012 20:45 :: Evan & Carol
Super runs & brilliant entertainment. many thanks to Chic & Heather for all the hard work they put in to make it a success. Thanks to Gavin, Maria, Wattie, for their speeches, Drew & Chic for their poems, and Ian & Gordon for the music. thanks also to all the menbers who attended to make this the best fun W.E.this year. Not forgetting Wattie & his 'Coos'

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