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The Cruachan Run
Sun 22nd Apr 2012
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 22
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The Cruachan Run

Sunday 22nd April 2012

We thought we would try something a little different for this event.  A drive to see an electricity generating station on the face of it may not seem all that interesting, but when itís situated amongst some of Scotland's most beautiful scenery, and hidden one kilometre deep below ground inside a mountain, that sounded like a fun day out. So "Cruachan Power Station" on the shores of Loch Awe in Argyll was to be our destination.

12 cars gathered at Stirling services to make up a convoy to the start point in Balloch. Alongside our cars were various classic and custom cars that were also out to enjoy a dayís motoring fun. We all welcomed Deborah and Chris with their smart Mk3.5 Roadster Coupe and also David in his very tidy Mk1 who were attending their first event with the club.

After leaving Stirling we made slower than normal progress all the way to Balloch as we were stuck behind a line of classic cars heading to the same place as us. We were behind a very old Jaguar which spewed out tons of toxic exhaust emissions as it trundled along. It was so bad we were feeling quite nauseous. We take modern car emissions for granted, breathing almost clean air. The classic cars were all taking part in "Drive It 2012" click here to see loads of their photos, we're also included.

Stirling and Balloch Start Points

Waiting for us at Balloch were another 7 cars with smiling drivers and passengers all looking forward to the dayís run. We also all welcomed Alan with his Mk2.5 Sport who was attending his first event with the club. Following a quick trip to the services and a pre run brief all 19 cars hit the road.

We travelled along the side of Loch Lomond for a short while before turning onto the A817 Glen Fruin road. We heard rumours that there was a Royal Navy NATO exercise taking place in the area so had hoped to see some battle ships in Gare Lock from the layby vantage point, but alas there were none. Who knows, there may have been some submarines under the water watching us through their periscopes. Onward through Arrochar and up to the Rest and Be Thankful were there were loads of classic cars driving up the old hill climb road. Onward past Loch Fyne, Inveraray and Loch Awe before arriving at Cruachan power station.

At this point many of us were hungry so headed for the cafeteria to see what was on offer; others unpacked their own picnics and enjoyed an al fresco lunch overlooking the loch. Following lunch we were joined by another 3 cars all the way from Inverness. It was really good to meet up with Frankie and Brian and the Hi-5ís.

At Cruachan Power Station

After kicking a few tyres and chatting, it was time to take the tour into the mountain. We all climbed into the bus were we were both entertained and educated by the tour guide whose knowledge of the construction and operation of the installation was impressive.

Following the tour it was time to say our goodbyes to the Hi-5ís and continue with the run. The final stage found us driving along the A85 through Dalmally to the end of the run at Tyndrum were we all split up and headed in different directions home. Well, that was the plan but unfortunately the A85 was closed after Crianlarich so everyone was forced down the A82 by Loch Lomond and back to Balloch.

After weeks of very unsettled weather we were once again very lucky, the tops were down for the whole day and the sun was even out for most of the day. God must have had an MX-5 at one time.

Hope you all had a great day, see you all again soon.

Report by: Ian Ness

Do you want to read even more? Yes! then read Brian's fantastic report from the Hi-5's here. Great to hear you all enjoyed the day.

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Your Comments
22nd Apr 2012 19:30 :: Brian - part of FAB
A huge thank you to Al and Aly, Andy and Beverly for your company on a really great day out.  A massive thank you to "Central" for hosting such a brilliant day.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable visit and it was great to meet up and put faces to names.  We hope it isn't too long before we meet up again!  Thanks everyone - Brian and Frankie (that's FAB)!

ps - we almost made it home before the weather but when the cockpit is half full of hailstones it's probably time to pull up the roof!! lol

22nd Apr 2012 20:31 :: robert craig
Thanks for a good day, nice run home to, great scenery.
robert and gary

22nd Apr 2012 20:44 :: pamela and steven
Absolutely great day :) really enjoyed the drive and the tour round the power station. Lookingforward to meeting up with everyone again on the next run.

22nd Apr 2012 22:57 :: Andy & Bev
Thanks for great day out guys , great roads , great company  see you all soon. Andy & Bev

23rd Apr 2012 06:05 :: Marshall and heather
Great day out , it was good to meet old friends and new, the weather was kind and the power station was fascinating :-)

23rd Apr 2012 15:27 :: John and Dianne
Thanks for organising a great run out in the car. I think Dianne felt part of something quite big - 19 cars in convoy is some sight to behold! Hope to be along to a run sometime soon.

23rd Apr 2012 15:29 :: Jim Ford
Thanks to Ian and Jaqueline for this run and their hard work, really enjoyed myself and will return to Cruachan in the future. Always nice to meet new people coming along for the run, hope you all enjoyed yourselves. 

23rd Apr 2012 15:30 :: Ali & Drew
Lovely day out, great turnout and weather was kind for roof down driving. Great to see so many classic cars on the road (and that's only the 5s)

23rd Apr 2012 16:50 :: wattie97
Yep another great day out with our MX5 cronies. Trip around power station was very interesting.Big thenks to Ian and Jacqueline for organising this event. Looking forward to the next one.
  Wattie & Janet.

23rd Apr 2012 17:05 :: Gavin
Great run out. Great venue. First Mountain I've been to the top of as well as underneath, well inside then.
Thanks to Ian and Jacqueline for organising. I hope the troublesome oldies at the back of the bus didn't spoil it for anyone. Can't take them anywhere these days.

23rd Apr 2012 20:41 :: Marg & David
Thanks for organising a great day out, great route and the tour also.  Looking forward to meeting you all soon

23rd Apr 2012 21:00 :: Marcia & Raymond
Thanks to Ian & Jacqueline for their work in planning the run and the visit to the power station which was very interesting (can't get "the wheels on the bus go round and round" out of my head, courtesy of those up the back!  A great day out & classic cars passed along the way to boot! Nice one.

24th Apr 2012 20:38 :: Gordon & Moira
Only just home after the detour south along Loch Lomond to go North to Dunkeld where we enjoyed a relaxing night at the Hilton.
Thanks to Ian and Jacqueline for a great run and getting us to visit Cruachan after passing it many times on the way North.

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