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Autumn run out
Sun 13th Nov 2011
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 7
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Meet at the Horn Cafe on A90 beside, Perthshire Caravans,have a bacon sarnie, coffee or something else and then head off into the sunshine around Perthshire and Angus, no specified route as yet just marbles going round in my head.
  Those who turn up can decide where to go if not happy with my route i'm easy !!
  Just hope that the weather is good for us.

  So Alice it's not done yet eh !!!

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Your Comments
13th Nov 2011 15:24 :: Allie
Another great day out, 130 mls
for me, some will do a lot more, thanks Tom and Jen. and everyone else for your company.

13th Nov 2011 18:17 :: Malc
Excellent day out - thanks guys.
Coming back in the dark, I was being followed along the A90 by a car with blue lights in the grille, which held me back in my pursuit of Tom and Alex. When the car passed me it turned out to be Keith with his pesky blue neons that I was seeing.

13th Nov 2011 18:39 :: Alex
Another braw day out with the top down despite the weather. Thanks to all for the excellent company...and by the way Malc, since when did a BMW driver concern themselves with the rules of the road?

13th Nov 2011 18:56 :: liathach
A grand day out!  Thanks to Tom for putting it together and to everyone else for their company.  We stopped at Scone for a cup of tea with friends and are just in the door.  We also had to pop in to Tesco to redeem a voucher and, guess what, they gave me another one!  Plus one for 5p per litre off my fuel!

14th Nov 2011 09:03 :: Malc
Sorry - it was Graham with the blue lights in the grille.
My dementia must be getting worse.

14th Nov 2011 12:16 :: tom
Hi Malc, never mind mate keep popping the pills and eat more carrots to help you see in the dark !! lol  !!
  Glad all enjoyed it despite the weather.

14th Nov 2011 13:13 :: Graham K
Great day out Tom, thanks. great to see more join in from Grampian. Sorry about the petrol... got a bit short not expecting 320 m for the day. Yes I headed back along the A90 as shorter run over the mountains. Did not fancy going from Blairgrowie to Braemar crawling though the mist.
They be bright LED side lights and not in the grill. Them would be illegal. Those fitted are \"E\" legal and very effective. Despite the misty conditions it was a great MX-5 experience day. Maybe some of you Taysiders would venture up to Grant\'s next week! See Alex not uploaded the pics yet! Love to see please Alex. 

14th Nov 2011 16:05 :: Alex
Sorry there's just the 4 photies, but there wasn't much point taking a lot of pictures of grey mist with grey mist in the background. Anyone got their cars cleaned yet?

14th Nov 2011 17:53 :: liathach
Agree about photos of mist with a grey mist background! Not worth it.
Car not washed yet.  Must do the M-B first as it is manky following two trips up and down the A90.

16th Nov 2011 14:00 :: Graham K
Great pics Alex. Thanks.

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