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Taysiders run out
Sun 30th Oct 2011
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 7
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Here is an open invite to all,meet at Tesco's and i will take you on a mystery run around Tayside and Fife on nice A and B roads.
  We will have a stop for lunch, a photo stop and if enough time another short stop for a cuppa and still be back in Dundee by approx 5pm.
  So get your kit ready,cars fueled up and especially to the Taysiders come and show face !!! all others welcome and as it's halloween you can dress up yourselves and the car.
  You never know we might get some quines and loons from the north to come too !!
                **  ALL ARE INVITED  **

Please note that I have booked a table in the "Strathmore Arms Hotel" in  Glamis for our lunch stop.

PS.our run to there is via an indirect route lol !! see you on Sunday.


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Your Comments
30th Oct 2011 15:45 :: Robert Craig
Hi there Tom, sorry about today, I lost you early into the run and couldn't catch up so decided just to go shopping instead. Hope you all had a great day, see you again some time! Robert and Lesley

30th Oct 2011 16:16 :: alf
Robert and Lesley what happened that must have been the shortest run out in history !!! Dont let the other half co-drive again !!!!!

30th Oct 2011 18:48 :: Eddie Cairns
On the way to the run my 99 MK2 hit 100K miles just north of Kirremuir.

We all had an excellent lunch at the Strathmore Inn at Glamis.

Great run again Tom and a great choice of lunch stop,

30th Oct 2011 19:02 :: Allie
Another fantastic day, pity it,s the last for this year !!!!
Superb lunch, thank you Tom and Jen,  oooops and Jake  lol

30th Oct 2011 19:11 :: tom and jen
Hi Robert, dont know what happened there, thought that Colin was going to be tail end charlie !! he called me on the radio to say you were behind him but no place to stop on Kingsway. We stopped at south side at Taybridge carpark and waited 15 mins for you,then left on our run

30th Oct 2011 19:54 :: tom
Eddie  mate you had better loy !!okout next time you see Jen as she told me your are getting a kicking !!! lol !!! imagine calling her "Jen the dog" in one of your photo's !! It's Jake the dog you divv

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