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Tayside - The Gathering
Sun 4th Sep 2011
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 33
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The Gathering

At Riverside Drive,

Sunday 4th September 2011

Tom's Report:

Hello to all in MX-5 Scotland who took the time to come to Dundee for the "Gathering". We were blessed with a brilliant sunny day with the temp up in the 20's braw.


Many thanks to Eddie, Ian and Richard who were our judges on the day, never an easy task, well done to all three, thanks again to Eddie who helped at the presentation of the trophies. Details to come later via Alex's report plus photo's.

A big thank you to all the Tayside members and Graeme, too for there joint time and effort's during the course of the day.
    Thank you to Ian Ness from Central who took the time to come up early and erected Central's flags and event shelter.
    Many thanks to Alice, Sharon, Michael,,Sam and Eleanor who helped /assisted at the inscription, tea, coffee and the buffet.
    Thanks to Paul and graeme for being "traffic cops" directing the members to the correct parking places.

To Alex Henderson our joint AC a special thanks for helping/assisting and generally helping me along over the past weeks while we put this event together.

Lastly a special thanks to my wife Jenny who put up with me disappearing to chase up leads for, the buffet, prizes for the raffles ect.

And finally to all MX-5 Scotland members and newcomers/visitors, another thanks for just turning up. Job done!!! roll on next years who ever decides to take up that mantle.

Tom and Jen

Alex's report:

Given that this was an outdoor event, in Scotland, in September, it was perhaps optimistic that the weather would be kind to us, but optimism paid off and the sun shone pretty much all day. A total of some 35 cars turned out for what was an excellent day meeting up with old friends as well as making new ones, with one member from as far as Cheshire (according to my geography, thatís a fair bit doon the way). With hospitality in the guise of continuous tea, coffee, juice not to mention biscuits provided courtesy of hosts Tom and Jen from their motorhome the event passed fairly quickly as everyone milled around chatted, shared views, opinions, anecdotes and generally admired each others cars on display. Assistance was also available from Andy from Barnettís who kindly agreed to attend and offer technical help to members problems as well as providing a nice looking black 3.5 roadster to drool over.

In no time at all lunch arrived in the form of a generous buffet which proved to be appreciated in both quality and quantity, plenty for everyone. After that it was straight into the raffle which also proved popular, given the abundance of prizes, the donations of which being down to Tomís persuasive charm, either that or threats with menaces. Those of you who know Tom may be the best judge.

Prizes awarded. It was down to Head Judge Eddie to announce the winners of Best in Show. Mk1 went to Ian from Cheshire for his immaculate and near original car (that zunsport grille was never OEM!!). Taysideís own Allie received best Mk2Ö(paid off Allie, cleaning the grass off the tyres). Karen won best Mk3.5 for an envy inducing BlackÖ.in white. This left only to decide the overall Best in Show winner with Ianís Mk1 taking the honours. It almost felt like a Tayside win given that he was originally from Dundee some 20 years ago. Well done Ian.

Ian Best Mk1 -- Alice Best Mk2/2.5

Karen Best Mk3/3.5 -- Ian Best in Show

Best Mk1 -- Best Mk3/3.5

With all good things coming to an end, today was no different and with prizes won and honours decided, it was time for everyone to say their cheerios and head home.

Hope everyone enjoyed the day.

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Your Comments
4th Sep 2011 16:29 :: Eddie

Great event and thanks for getting it all together. Great prizes and the lunch was just magic.

4th Sep 2011 16:48 :: Colin and Ann Hannigan
Thank you for the event .  Good day, some good company and an excellent buffet.
Well done, and the prizes much appreciated.

4th Sep 2011 17:49 :: Colin (alf)
Well done Tom and your helpers. A great day very well organised at short notice ! And the sun was a bonus.

4th Sep 2011 18:10 :: Allie
Fantastic day again, great weather, superb buffet,and a surprise !! well done Tom and Jen, and everyone else.

4th Sep 2011 20:41 :: robert craig
thanks tom,jen and helpers great day out, great buffet.
robert and craig, central scotland

4th Sep 2011 20:42 :: Ian (CS)
An excellent day. Many thanks to Jen & Tom and all the helpers who made it all possible. Weather, cars, food and banter were all first class.

4th Sep 2011 20:44 :: Ian & Aileen
Totally agree.  Well done to all who helped organise the event and what a fantastic lunch.
The weather was a bonus and we met loads of really nice people. We will try and attend more events ... but we are away on holiday for the Glen Clova one .....again !

4th Sep 2011 20:59 :: Russ Craig (Ossian)
Thanks to everyone for making today such an excellent day.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of your hard work and everyone's company.

5th Sep 2011 06:25 :: Richie
Great to see such an array of great condition cars and weather to match, thanks to all who organised

5th Sep 2011 07:52 :: Ian McHattie (Speedy)
Many thanks to everyone involved for making it a day to remember even the weather was glorious.Hopefully I can meet some of you at the National.

5th Sep 2011 08:07 :: Richard
A Good day, well done everyone who organized the day, nice to meet everyone including non-members

5th Sep 2011 09:27 :: Paul Mckay (TC)
Brilliant event and big thanks to everyone for making Ian Mchattie and I feel  most welcome. Being an AC for Cheshire & NW I know what work is involved in making these events work and Tayside did a great job stepping in at last min to take over 2011's Gathering.
Look forward to next year, maybe we may bring one or two more cars.
Thankyou yet again :-)

5th Sep 2011 14:38 :: MarilynC
This was our first event and would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome even although we were not in the Eunos.  Hopefully will be back on the road by end of month.

5th Sep 2011 16:50 :: Alex
On a personal note Tom, your efforts paid off. Nothing else needs to be said. A braw day.

5th Sep 2011 18:43 :: Robert & Betty MacDonald
Thanks for making our first outing with club so good.Great organization, company & food.
Thanks again.

5th Sep 2011 19:08 :: Tom
To you Alex, Snap !!

11th Sep 2011 16:35 :: Colin S
Sorry I couldn't make this, but extremely well done for putting this together at short notice!

13th Sep 2011 07:50 :: Jim & Alison
Thanks for a great day out and bringing the lovely sunshine out for the last time this year ;-)

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