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Tayside ad hoc run
Sun 10th Apr 2011 to Sun 10th Apr 2011
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 4
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Hi,to all,weather forecast for the weekend is supposed to be good.Anyone fancy a run out on Sunday afternoon ??

    No set run to any particular place,maybe stop somewhere for a cuppa and a blether.
    I know of a few good back roads to go on,but am open to any suggestions and if anyone else wants to take the lead and show us some othere roads then thats fine with me too.
  It is short notice, but if you come you come, if not my son Scott and I will go out with our cars, hopefully with the roof down and think to ourselves what you are all missing.
  Hope to see a few cars turn up on the day.

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10th Apr 2011 19:30 :: Alex
A relaxing walk with the dogs in the morning, a short shopping trip and then a thoroughly enjoyable run in the sun at short notice...magic. As if that wasn't enough, was allowed to sit and watch recorded F1 with the papers and a sizeable tincture....and have tea on my lap during the closing stages. However, I'm now completely devoid of any brownie points so will be taking the next few weeks to build them up again. Nice to meet Rosemary and Nikki, hope you enjoyed your first run and see you again soon.

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