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East Lothian Run
Sun 17th Mar 2002
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 20
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Familiarity breeds contempt. What does lack of familiarity breed? I've driven roads in East Lothian before so I can't say I was particularly looking  forward to this run. Yes, it was a chance to meet and yes it was a chance to drive in convoy which is the best way to drive a 5, but it was going to be really quite dull wasn't it?

Er, No.

Firstly, the sun was out and there was no wind.  Frankly, it was a summer's day in March. My flying jacket went in the boot and only came out after the sun disappeared below the horizon in Gullane, some 7 hours later. The rest of the time I drove in a t shirt with the heater at 2 or less. Secondly, 19 cars showed up including a Triumph Vitesse 2 litre which showed itself more than capable of keeping up, although it didn't like the corners as much as the 5s. Thirdly, the roads were just fantastic. This is one we need to write up fully to be a scenic drive for the National Rally in 2003: it has everything, tight twisty corners, long straights, quite fantastic scenery, fords, hairpins, humpback bridges, even a section where the road is falling away into the valley!

We left Tesco at about 11.10 am and headed through Dalkeith and to the A1. If we did this route again, I would suggest that we left earlier, maybe at 10am and took a more leisurely pace. For all those who love to sling their 5s through twisty roads, there are probably more who don't.

With 20 cars in a convoy, it is important too that we all observe the rule about seeing both the car in front and the car behind at all times to avoid unwanted detours.

To be honest the drive was so good from driving point of view that I've forgotten the route we took, but we ended up in Duns for lunch.  We raised 32.50 for our crash helmet fund by raffling Easter eggs, before heading back to Gullane for the final grouping before going our own ways.

Thanks are due to Mino and Jon for organising a fantastic route. Let's keep that on record, we MUST do that again!


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