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Tayside to Glenisla for BBQ
Sun 7th Aug 2011 to Sun 7th Aug 2011
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 6
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Four hardy Taysiders met at Tesco's Dundee during a lull in the rain !! all ready for our run upto Glenisla. We picked up another member Roddy in his old but nice BMW, then Dot and Ian tagged on in Alyth.
  So off we went up the road avioding only the huge puddles  !! Once we arrived at the Rally site a quick look at the field was allready very wet and getting wetter !!
    So a quick vote was taken and we headed to Spittal of Glenshee,we had just left when we met Graham Keates down to visit us,so he joinded the end of the group, now we were six !!
  However we ended up behind a real sunday driver who was toddling along at somewhere between 20-24mph !!! bloody fool, anyway i managed to get past and the pulled into Spittal of Glenshee,stopped just in time to see all the others drive past.
  Paul led them all up to Braemar,where we stopped for a cuppa and some (us, jen and I) had a burger.
  Then it was bye to Graham then off as he was heading north,we stopped in Dunkeld  so the hungery ones could have something to eat.
  And we split up here with Dot and Ian making thier own way home and ditto to Alice and Paul in thier cars,that left two just Jen and I in our car and Alex in his.
  We had a spirited drive back to Dundee via Couper Angus,all in all a good day out in good company,many thanks to those who came out to play despite the weather.

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Your Comments
7th Aug 2011 16:56 :: tom and jen
Thanks to all who came, the run report says it all !!

7th Aug 2011 17:04 :: Allie
Another fantastic day out, even got our tops off, thanks all for your company.

7th Aug 2011 18:44 :: Alex
Thanks people. A braw day oot despite the weather. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Just goes to show you shouldn't pay attention to the forecast....wouldn't have left the house if I had.

8th Aug 2011 08:37 :: john
Sounds like fun. We've been scooting around Glenisla and Glenclova recently and been to the rest and be thankful a few times recently too... on our holidays. We are still members of the club and one day will get an mx-5 to join you folks. You should see us at the gathering in an mx-5 like my old one.

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