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Kames Sprint Day
Sun 7th Apr 2002
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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I made an announcement on a very wet Sunday in February at Kames that yes I would go on a the track the next time if the weather was better - that way I would have one less factor to consider.  I made that statement largely because at that point it seemed it would rain forever and as the rain had taken to falling horizontally due to the high wind I was fairly safe.

Imagine my disgust to find that this morning brought a beautiful April - blue cloudless skies, a gentle beaze and, be still my beating heart, a trip to Kames organised.  Would Graeme remember my announcement, I really doubted it - his memory is dodgy at the best of times so the likelihood of absolute recall was minimal.  "Great day you are going on the track aren't you? " said Graeme. "Hmm yes " I replied. Well to be fair I had been thinking about it for over a week and had decided to leave my comfort zone and give it a try.

We travelled in convoy to Kames, with Simon in his Silver 5 and two colleagues from my work: one in his 30 year old MGB and the other in his Audi GT.  When we arrived Simon said "Are you going on the track?" His voice when he asked that question was another deciding factor- It had an intonation which really said " we really know you are not going on but I will ask to be polite"  This combined with the fact the Graeme had already handed over the cash meant that I was committed.  When asked to sign on the dotted line of an indemnity letter I felt there was no turning back.

Graeme took me out on the circuit - I have utter respect for his driving ability and knew I would be safe.  He talked me round the hairier aspects of the circuit especially the hairpin at the top of the circuit which should be driven round in second gear.  This is where a blue car managed to do considerable damage to itself  later in the afternoon.

Ok I was ready. I insisted that he came with me because he needed to be there for many reasons
1. To count the laps
2. To point me round the track
3. I didn't want to die alone.

To be fair waiting to join the track - I didn't feel the jibbering wreck I thought I would although I did have a flock of butterflies in my stomach the closer to my turn it got.  Then it was me, all the quirky thoughts that were going though my head prior to going on the track disappeared- the main one was worrying about embarrassing myself infront of the spectators but magically they had disappeared- they no longer existed it was just me and the road.  Bizarrely  I went on the track after lunch- there were a lot more cars wanting to go on the track so I took the opportunity to read the Sunday paper- Graeme thought I looked really ridiculous reading a broadsheet while sitting in the car wearing a crash helmet. My second trip was not as good as my first - my problem I think is that I was driving the car in the wrong ways - too much braking not enough trusting the car to do stay on
the track and go round the corners in 3rd gear. 

I wasn't the fastest car on the track today but I did it and for that I am very proud of myself.  I left my comfort zone and didn't kill myself or anyone else.

[by Christine Babbs]

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