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GRA - Cullen for Chips
Sun 20th Feb 2011
organised by Grampian Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Your Comments
20th Feb 2011 16:10 :: IanH
That was a blast, never realised the distance between Ellon and Cullen was so long, good choice of roads Andy. Nice to see Paul again and meet up with Nancy too.

20th Feb 2011 18:51 :: Liathach
Agreed!  I haven't been on many of those t
roads since I used to navigate in road rallies a L-O-N-G time ago!  Really good fun.  Pity we didn't get the roofs down but there is always another time.
Thanks to Andy for leading the route to Cullen and Ian for the run home.  Good to meet up with Paul and Nancy at Cullen.

21st Feb 2011 20:01 :: Rugger
Well you see my excuse was I had to see how much mud I could find between Ellon and Cullen without going the boss had cleaned the car and had shiny new wheels that are now not so shiny. But if there is any comeback it was Hellen who put made me do it. Must do it again when the suns out :):)

22nd Feb 2011 22:43 :: the pram
Well, it was a very fine run but I am still a bit traumatised by the volume of clarty dubs on my wheels! I could swear I bought sparkly silver, nae sharny broon. I concur with the "do it again with sun", dry sharn might not stick so much as clarty sharn!

22nd Feb 2011 23:17 :: Liathach
Oh aye, clarty sharn is affa sticky! Smelly, too, if it hits the exhaust!

23rd Feb 2011 18:04 :: IanH
I 'dedubbed' tonight as it was such a pleasant evening so my car is considerably less clarty!

23rd Feb 2011 21:42 :: the pram
Ooo dedubbing?? Not done that yet so still firmly clartit in sharn. Might dedub on sunday if it is dry!

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