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Treasure Hunt
Sun 21st Apr 2002
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Top prize was the sun. Not the newspaper, but the yellow disc which is alleged to occupy the sky at this time of year. No one won it, so it was roof up all day for the Treasure hunt. We met at the Showcase Leisure Park just off the A8 outside Glasgow. 4 cars turned up just to say hello and to see us off. Hopefully, they'll all be able to join us another time. They, like all the others, signed Simon's card (25 years old!  maybe his insurance will go down a bit at the next renewal) and all waited for a piece of birthday cake that never appeared.

The 7 who did manage the Treasure hunt set off at 10 minute intervals having been briefed by David & Ailsa Scott, who had set the clues.  Points were deducted for being late but twice as many deducted for being early, so no speeding!

In a surreal departure from the normal convoy driving there was lots of waving and headlight flashing throughout the day as paths crossed and recrossed and as cars doubled back realising that clues had been missed.  More than once I found myself saying "Where on earth has he been?" (The answer in one case was Eaglesham moor, which, bizarrely, was not part of the route, was it Gavin?). In a nice break from the normal looking for clues, David had taken and doctored photos, so we had to establish what was missing from the pictures, or in a couple of cases, what had been added. One was a change from East Kilbride to West Kilbride on a railway timetable, so not obvious stuff, although the appearance of an extra windmill on another was slightly easier.

We also had to collect items on the way. At one point we received a call from Simon (somewhat missing the competitive component of the day) telling us that there was a building site we could collect sand from. We pointed out the part of the route called Sandy Beach Car Park that we had been to already. It transpired that not everyone had remembered the instructions from their school days to "read the exam paper all the way through before you start" and didn't realise that there were bonus questions!

One slight hiccup in the instructions had us all turning left when we should have carried on, but far from detracting from the event, it added to it as cars weaved backwards and forwards trying to work out for themselves where things had gone awry. The added Krypton Factor really made the last section interesting. It even became comical as every corner or roundabout you encountered had another 5, another flash of the lights and another wave, sometimes palm up to indicate the level of confusion. It was like losing the picture on the box before finishing the jigsaw. That doesn't make it impossible, it makes it more of a challenge.

We all reached the destination within around 45 minutes of each other and the Brewer's Fayre kindly scrapped their "no lunch in the Bar" rule to accommodate us. After quite some time waiting for the marking, it came down to a tie break. The two teams tying for first had both brought a "Treasure with a claim to fame". Mandy and Keith submitted a 5p piece as it "came from the Royal Mint which is a National Treasure" while we submitted a Christmas Tree Air Freshener because many years ago Christine had sold Andy Irvine, legendary Scottish Rugby Player, a Christmas tree. It was put to a vote, without people knowing who had submitted them and with the two teams involved not voting, and we won.

All in all it was a great day and a wonderful set of clues from David and Ailsa to whom go our heartfelt thanks for what was probably quite a boring day for them. We also made some money for our crash helmet fund.  The first helmet is now paid for and we've started on the road to the next one.

[by Graeme & Christine]

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