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Jim's Run
Sun 18th Sep 2011
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 17
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Jim's Run

Sunday 18th September 2011

Weather forecast was sunny and warm, that was for Bo’ness but when we arrived in Livingston it was getting cold. Those who we will not name, were already there tucking into bacon butties and cups of coffee from the Burger van. Next thing there was an influx of police officers in vans, they were just there for the butties not for any of us.

Off we went beginning Jim’s run with 13 cars, Jim leading and Wattie as ‘tail end Charlie’ We stopped at Carnwath where our convoy became 14. We welcomed Charlie on his first run. 

Off we set down the A73 then the A702 where we stopped at the Abington Services for a comfort break and met up with Chic & Heather, Raymond & Marcia.

After Ian did a few circles on the roundabout our merry bunch headed for the Hills. The Leadhills, where we even saw some people panning for gold. The weather was kind to us as we saw some terrific views. The rain started and we went through many big puddles but that did not stop us hoods were still down. We passed many windfarms, I think that we should have named the run ‘count the wind turbines’ as we did see lots of them. We dotted from road to road A76, A702, B7076 , B701 then finally A701 arriving at Moffat. The Moffat House Hotel frontage was busy but that did not deter us MX5rs with great manoeuvring and driving skills 12 cars got into a tiny section of the car park as we could not get spaces.

We were warmly welcomed and shown into the dining room which was allocated solely for our use. Glinis and Richard had arrived and settled. It was so nice to see them again. What can I say about the food, Desperate Dan would have enjoyed the platefuls of meat that the Chef placed on our plates. Full marks to the Chef for the Sunday carvery. We all just wanted to lie down on the comfy sofas but Jim and Wattie stirred us on by coming round with the raffle tickets. What can I say about those two!!! We all had a laugh, especially when Fiona won Ian’s CD. They changed it as that would have been too cruel for Fiona. £85 was raised. Thank you to everyone for making this such a success.

The car park was empty now so we thought that we would move the cars into a prime position. The sun was out as well as all the cameras. We said our fond farewell to Carol and Evan as they had a long journey back to Ayr. Off we went towards Biggar.

What fabulous roads and spectacular views at St Mary’s Lake, Megget Reservoir, Talla Linnfoots and Talla Reservoir. Down came the rain in torrents, so hoods up for the rest of the journey. Many left us on these roads to head home instead of returning to Livingston. Over the hills passing Kaimend and once again viewing wind turbines [were they following us] finishing our journey at the Brucefield Farm Pub where we said our farewell to some and others, who will not be named entered the establishment for some light refreshments and to discuss the adventures of the day.

Thank you all for a fantastic day I hope that everyone enjoyed the run.
See you all soon. Maria


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Your Comments
18th Sep 2011 16:14 :: Gordon T
Brilliant run Jim.  Sets the standard for future adventures.  Thanks.

18th Sep 2011 16:59 :: Charlie
Many many thanks for a great run Jim. Now for the confession and apology to those following me????
I was the "NUMPTY" who managed to leave the  A7016 convoy too early, but I knew I could rejoin the route  just outside of Newbiggin, which I did, but  now I was two or three cars ahead of my original position.
I do hope I did not screw thing up for those following.
Mmmmm "RED FACE"

18th Sep 2011 19:09 :: Jim and Maria
Thanks to everyone who attended the run today, we really enjoyed ourselves.  Thanks to Wattie and Janet for their help in planning the run.

18th Sep 2011 19:14 :: Colin and Sandra
Great to see you all again and great drive. Food was plentiful too. We won't leave it so long next time.

18th Sep 2011 20:15 :: Evan & Carol
Great run Jim and all who assisted,we both really enjoyed the day.

18th Sep 2011 20:37 :: Marcia & Raymond
An enjoyable run and fantasic view down the loch - didn't realise we had climbed so high - nae wonder it was raining!
Thanks & well done.See you again sometime.

18th Sep 2011 20:49 :: chic and heather
Great roads and food
Thanks to Jim and Maria, Wattie and Janet for organising

19th Sep 2011 01:02 :: dot and chas
Sorry we couldn't make the run, we had a prior date with a Mustang and the Big Sur!

19th Sep 2011 10:17 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Great pictures, looks like you all had a fun day. Sorry we missed it.

19th Sep 2011 16:11 :: wattie97
Yep another great day out with the MX5 crew. Great run and super lunch venue.A great crowd of friendly people who enjoy each others company and superb scenery. Well done Fordies a super day out.
  Wattie & Janet.

19th Sep 2011 16:27 :: Gavin
Another top notch venue for lunch and some great roads.
Thanks to Jim and Maria and Janet and Dad.

19th Sep 2011 17:48 :: Ali & Drew
Great run and very enjoyable pace throughout. I won't take 3 different meats at carvery again - stuffed. Thanks Jim, Maria, Wattie & Janet for organising.

20th Sep 2011 08:29 :: Jon
Great Run. Thanks to Jim and Maria. Great use of radios, nice clear comms about puddles & prams etc!! Thanks to Richard for advise about my car and coil packs - which seem to be pretty expensive £300+ arggghhh!

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