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The Reivers Run
Sun 19th Jun 2011
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 10
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The Reivers Run

Sunday 19th June 2011

Having taken an inordinate amount of time checking the Met office web site in the last few days, we gathered at the Carfraemill hotel car park where we all met and welcomed  new member Jim from Earlston on our second "Reivers run".

The start of the run at the Carfraemill Hotel.

The weather gods, however, smiled upon us and tops down we made for Kelso. The lead car, with great confidence announced, "we don't need a satnav....!" and duly sailed past the first turn off. I still don't understand the explanation, from a senior member of the group that "they must have been using Watties satnav..?" An early and minor blip however and off we went again, negotiating Kelso's roundabouts and roadwork's with ease, arriving shortly thereafter at Yetholm.

Lots of lovely twisty's later we stopped for a wee rest at Flodden Field car park. After a short walk to the site of the battle and a photo opportunity at the monument we had a moment for silent reflection on the thousands of ordinary men who lost their lives there so many years before.

At Flodden Field

The run continued into Northumberland and across the A1 to the coastal route. The clouds parted briefly and the sun shone and everyone was impressed by the site of Bamburgh Castle, shining in the sunlight, as we rounded the corner into Bamburgh. By this time tummies were rumbling and the slow, mouth wateringly fragrant, negotiation of Seahouses town centre with itís abundance of Fish and chip shops definitely had everyone in lunch mode.

Follow me to Bamburgh Castle.

Arrival at the Oaks hotel, we were pleasantly surprised to be met by Gordon and Sue who were on their way home from their holidays. We all had a chance to catch up and have a natter while we waited for our lunch room to be readied. Eventually everyone had a large steaming plateful in front of them and silence ensued for a while. Yorkshire puddings like Sunday bonnets and a seemingly bottomless steak pie later we were ready to head off on the second leg of our journey.

Out of Alnwick and onto Rothbury, the weather darkened and the temperature dropped, would it rain? Would we have to stop and put the tops up...? Not likely!  Off we sped along windy roads, up hills with breathtaking views and dropping down into tree lined valleys eventually merging back onto the A68 and civilisation again.

Safely back to Scotland after lunch.

We stopped at the Scottish English Border and, again, marvelled at the incredible views. It was agreed to forego the last planned section of the route to Towford and the much anticipated "water splash" as we didn't want to lose any of the members in the river after all the rain the previous day. There's always next year.

Returning to Jedburgh and into the Glebe car park the rain couldn't wait any longer and down it came. A damp end to the day and to top it off the Ice Cream kiosk was shut...! Nothing could spoil the feeling of a good days run though and we parted looking forward to the next time.

Report by: Fiona and Ian


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Your Comments
19th Jun 2011 17:52 :: Marshall and heather
What a great run, we really enjoyed it, thanks to all for the great company

19th Jun 2011 18:26 :: Ron and Lorna
Super day, great route, exceptional food, good company and very well organised.

19th Jun 2011 18:42 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Once again a brilliant Reivers Run.
Many thanks to Fiona and Ian for organising the day with brilliant roads, lunch and company. Even the sun came out for most of the day allowing us to have the tops down for the entire run.

19th Jun 2011 19:02 :: jim
thanks to all who did the run for  making me welcome.Hope I will see all again in the near future.

19th Jun 2011 19:10 :: Richard
Great day, great weather and some places I've never been

19th Jun 2011 20:24 :: Fiona and Ian
Another great Reivers run, thanks to everyone for coming and making it a success.  Thanks again to Jacqueline and Ian for all their help behind the scenes..!

19th Jun 2011 20:41 :: Drew & Ali
Thanks to Ian & Fiona for organising a great run in an area Ali & I have not explored before. The roast beef was also brilliant.Also good to meet new people.

20th Jun 2011 15:55 :: Evan & Caroll
great run , great company, great food, great weather, many thanks to Fiona, Ian , Jaqueline and Ian, for all the work they put in.

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