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Gordon's Run
Sun 10th Apr 2011
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 12
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Gordon's Run

Sunday 10th April 2011

With last minute additions, 12 cars and 22 bodies congregated in sublime weather conditions at Hunter’s tryst, at more or less the appointed hour.  Usual banter exchanged, and new arrivals Heather and Marshall were greeted, we set off on our merry way, and within minutes were decimated by traffic and traffic lights. 

The start point at Hunters Tryst

Undaunted, we regrouped on the A702 and pressed on to Penicuik by the back door and despite someone’s valiant attempt to transpose Left & Right we wriggled our way via Gladhouse on a loop back to the Peebles road.  Veering right at Eddleston, up to the Meldons, a planned comfort stop was thwarted by the presence of steel barriers on the portals to the wee block.  How do vandals get to such remote facilities?  By car of course, dammit!


Meandering on, we sped down the Peeblesshire roads, past Stobo, Dreva and somewhere else, to Broughton, frightening and being frightened by, men on bicycles, and bigger men in Jaguars with trailers.  Oooooh!

A short sharp dash down the A701 past the still defunct Crook Inn brought us to Tweedsmuir where we escaped the Sunday drivers for all of 5 minutes, only to be confronted by another pair of lightfoots.  Headlights applied, the clear road ahead beckoned, and after displacing a few local woolly residents we elevated the game to the shores of  Megget reservoir, stopping briefly for a bout of self-admiration and photo opporchancity.  What a magic piece of tarmac that is, even though it is a tad narrow at 60 MPH.


At Megget Resevoir

Reaching St Mary’s Loch, the blackstuff took us past the Gordon Arms towards Yarrow, where a 2-wheeled member of Lothian & Borders finest infiltrated us.  But it was OK, he wisnae efter us, or perhaps he was too late, yet another Sunday Nissan having tempered our enthusiasm for reaching terminal velocity.

A whoosh from Yarrow over the hill to Ettric Valley, only briefly inhibited by brave cyclists and a dafty Pajero, we arrived at our Swally & Munchies venue where we had a new game as an aperitif – Hunt the Sunnies.  Satisfactory outcome due to Gavin’s eagle eye, thus saving Susan’s eyes!

Much food was consumed by all – I won’t single out any gluttons – you know who you are, and will suffer.

Some lucly raffle prizes winners

Off we headed on the homeward run north.  Tom, having joined in late decided to compensate by leaving early, and peeled off to seek out friends in Innerleithen.    This was also on our route, albeit reached by more obscure roads, which had more than their fair share of gravel, dust, horse s—t and both varieties of pheasant. (One is flat!)  From there, the north called, and displacing a few more SD’s we shot up & over the B709 to Middleton, joining the A7 which took us without incident to The Run End @ Melville Inn, where much to the author’s relief . . . . . . . . . .

A great day out ‘though I say it what shouldn’t.      Here’s to the next one.

Report by: Gordon

The raffle raised £70 for the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust. This brings our total for the year so far to £122. Many thanks to everyone who donated prizes and purchased tickets.


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Your Comments
10th Apr 2011 16:59 :: marshall
Would like to thank everyone for the wonderful time me and heather had, cant wait till next time

10th Apr 2011 18:29 :: Richard & Eileen
Excellent run and a really good lunch. Great weather was a bonus, thank you to Gordon & Sue.

10th Apr 2011 19:04 :: Gavin
Thanks to Gordon and sue for a great route and to the big G for the weather. The carvery was good too, good venue.

10th Apr 2011 19:32 :: Drew & Ali
Great run - never been on these roads before - well done Gordon & Sue

10th Apr 2011 20:18 :: Jacqueline & Ian
What more could we ask for, brilliant weather, roads, food and company a perfect MX-5 Central Scotland event.

It was also great to meet Heather and Marshall; we hope you enjoyed your first club run.

Many thanks to Sue and Gordon for organising the day for us, it’s very much appreciated.

11th Apr 2011 08:58 :: wattie97
Well done Gordon and Sue another great day out along  some of the  best roads for our wee cars. Lunch was excellent as was the company. The big yin also supplied the weather. What more could you want?
  Wattie & Janet.

11th Apr 2011 13:55 :: Gordon & Sue T
Great day.  Glad you all enjoyed it.  Smashing photos ian, but what's that lump sticking out of Heather's head, in the last photo ;-)

11th Apr 2011 15:11 :: Evan & Carol
Great run, great day, on great roads, in a great part of the countryside wee had never been to before, great lunch and great company. Looking forward to the easter WE.

11th Apr 2011 22:58 :: Jim and Maria
Thanks to Gordon and Sue for organising a superb day out. PS Gordon, lump can be removed by applying copius ammounts of beer. Cheers.

12th Apr 2011 00:56 :: Alex McBay
Gordon and Sue, what a super day you gave us.  Route was really spectacular and lunch venue and food were excellent.  Thanks for all the hard work you must have put into organising it. see you all at Easter

Alex and Roma

12th Apr 2011 16:19 :: MarilynC
Looked like a good day and the cars look excellent.  Sorry couldn't make insurance only came through today.

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