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The Fish n' Chip Run & Cruise
Sun 6th Mar 2011
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 14
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The Fish n' Chips Run
And Canal Cruise

Sunday 6th March 2011

Jim & I arrived at the car park at 11am and met with Moira & Gordon. We made our way up to the Falkirk Wheel ready for our ďCruiseĒ where we met up with Graham & Marion. We enjoyed the sail while Jim stayed to meet up with the others. Everyone started to arrive for; breakfast, lunch or a snack.

Gordon & Sue were running late as they were held up with temporary traffic lights in the middle of Linlithgow. While we waited for their arrival it was decided to slightly change the route to avoid Linlithgow. As Gordon & Sue arrived, we said our good-byes to Marion & Graham as they were having a problem with the carís wheel bearing and thought it was best to head home. That then left 14 cars for the run.

We headed out of the car park towards Bonnybridge and did not see any U.F.Oís as there are usually approximately 300 sightings per year in this area. We then meandered along the B803 through the country side behind a Sunday driver but then he kindly let us all past so that we then could enjoy the road MX5 style. As it was a dull day the Black Loch was definitely black as we passed. We also encountered some lovely country smells as we passed some farms. We now were heading up to Bathgate passing where Bangour Village Hospital was, it felt quite eerie there. We slightly veered onto the A89 then quickly went through the village of Dechmont to then head for Linlithgow taking in some stunning views. We skimmed the top of Linlithgow heading towards Beecraigs Country Park, passing Cairnpapple and the Scottish Korean War Museum. We then began to climb and saw more fantastic views of Bathgate and the surrounding areas. We then turned onto the B792 towards Torphichen then headed towards Muiravonside Country Park. Along the B825 we passed under the magnificent Avon Viaduct and passed the Old Linlithgow Inn. Here we changed the route and went on the A706 heading towards Boíness but turned left towards Nether Kinneil taking us back on the original route. We saw some spectacular sights of the Firth of Forth and a birdís eye view of B.P. and Ineos Chemical plants. We then descended on Wholeflats road heading towards Benny Tís.

We arrived as it was opening and we all enjoyed our Whale and chips.

The raffle raised £52 for the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust. We had some fantastic prizes; one in particular was the hand made MX5 doll that Gavin won. Ali you have set a precedent as we girls all want one. Can we put in orders or we want to see one at every raffle. It was sooooo sweet. Also Gordon has now got a new gadget that he can play with in the dark?????

Thank you all for making it such an enjoyable day, we hope that you all enjoyed the roads and scenery, sorry we could not order the sun but at least it did not rain.

Nice to see Davy, Mary, Susanís David, Chris and partner Alex[sorry I forgot your name] so I owe you a drink at the next run.

Report by: Maria.


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Your Comments
6th Mar 2011 17:57 :: Gavin
Another great run along with good food at the end. Thanks to Jim and Maria and Walter and Janet for organising things. Now to think of a name for my new pal.

6th Mar 2011 18:43 :: Jim and Maria
Thank you to everyone who came to Wattie and Jims run. It was good to meet our MX5 friends again and also all the new members who were attending their first run. Hope to meet up again.

6th Mar 2011 19:13 :: June McNab
Hi folks
As a former MX5 Club member I had a tear in my eye when I saw quite a few cars drive past me on their way into Falkirk after what I'm sure must have been a club run . I did recognise Sandy's car " red vamp" , am I correct .I am still driving an MX5 , my third since 1995 . I have an ICON and still love the car as much as I did my first .My last Merlot went off, sadly for me,to Inverness .My first 1995 1.8 is still around and has not been traded in for scrap .I wish the Club and it's members well and perhaps when life is a little less hectic I will have time to participate . Regards to all who may remember me .June 

6th Mar 2011 19:35 :: Chris and Alex
Many thanks for a great run. It was nice to meet you all for the first time, and thanks for making us feel welcome. Alex and myself had a great time and look forward to joining in again.
Cheers. Chris

6th Mar 2011 20:52 :: Robert Craig
Thanks to Jim, Maria, Wattie and Janet for a great day! Good to see everyone again! Robert and Gary.

7th Mar 2011 08:02 :: Richard
Thanks to Jim & Maria and Wattie and Janet for an enjoyable day.

June you are right, it was Sandy. Hope you can find time to pop along in the future

7th Mar 2011 09:27 :: Gordon & Sue T
Thanks for waiting for us at the start. 
"**l;rgk" roadworks & Sunday drivers!!!
Good run on some twiddly roads, and enough potholes to keep your attention focused.  Thanks Jim & Wattie, Janet & Maria

7th Mar 2011 13:03 :: Sandy & Margo
Thanks to all who organised the run - as I was reminded several times it was our first for a long time. Good to see you all again. June you are right it was me and I do remember you. Matbe we will see you again sometime.

7th Mar 2011 15:41 :: Drew & Ali
Thanks Jim, Maria, Wattie & Janet. We had a super run. I have asked Ali to get the needles out and start mass production - can't have Gavin's new pal feeling lonely.

7th Mar 2011 17:27 :: Davy and Mary
Thanks for another great, well organised event. We had a lovely day. We often go out in "our wee car" we love to go for a drive, its a real make you smile time. However we look forward to the MX5 Club runs, everyone is friendly and welcoming.Good to see you all again. Davy and Mary. 

7th Mar 2011 18:53 :: dot and chas
Thanks to Jim,Maria,Walter and Janet for organising a lovely run and an even lovlier nosh!Full marks to Benny Ts for great food and great service.Thanks to everyone for good company and laughs.Looking forward to seeing Gavins new pal (?Watties grandson?)at future events

7th Mar 2011 21:16 :: Gordon & Moira
Thanks again to Jim, Maria, Janet and Wattie.  Great run, excellent food once again and great company.  Didn't get much sleep last night (playing with Gordon's new tool!).

8th Mar 2011 14:56 :: wattie97
An enjoyable day out once again with our MX5 cronies. Glad everyone had a good time and enjoyed the food. Hope to see you you all again on the next run.
  Wattie & Janet.

8th Mar 2011 23:22 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Great to hear that you all had a brill time, wish we could have been there but someone's got to cruise the Carribean :-)

Great top down weather over here shame we couldn't get the car on board ;-)

13th Mar 2011 15:00 :: Susan
Thanks for organising a great wee run. David enjoyed his first zoom zoom that he's looking forward to the next one already!

15th Mar 2011 17:10 :: Colin and Sandra
We remember June McNab !!

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