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Largs Run
Sun 18th Aug 2002
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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As if I hadn't already, I have made up my mind in the great hardtop/softtop debate. My way of thinking is that the best way to enjoy a club run is with the top down and the wind in your hair. The second best way is to have the hood up and hear the noise of the air that isn't actually in your hair, but at least sounds as if it is somewhere close by. Having the hard top on is like watching the run on telly.

Having said that, my circumstances at the moment, (after my hood was slashed and  some of my personal possessions redistributed to the criminal classes), meant no hardtop, no run. More to the point, no kind hearted people lending me their hard top and helping me fit it to my car, no run, so for that I'm grateful. I'm told that I'm supposed to pity the criminal, as he will have had been dealt a poor hand by society and I am willing to feel sorry for him, but only after I've shoved a wasp's nest down his trousers and hit the bulge with a cricket bat.

I had made a joke on the website about doing a rain dance, since if I couldn't have the hood down, no one was going to. I awoke to find that it had worked in quite spectacular fashion. It pretty much poured down all day except for a brief interlude in the restaurant. Perhaps I should clarify that: the weather had a brief interlude while we were in the restaurant. We were in the restaurant for an eternity. I was worried when Richard stood up and tottered that he'd contracted DVT and should have worn his flight stockings for the 3 hour duration that was dinner, but it was just a touch of pins and needles.

14 cars and Sandy turned up for the run. Sandy had a car too, it just wasn't an MX5, his being in car hospital, after a broadside into a hedge did quite amazing damage for a 20 mph incident.

We left Sainsbury's at Darnley just off the M77 and filed out on the run, which took us up some wonderfully twisty MX5 roads to Greenock, where we attempted the Guinness World record for most 5's in a ridiculously small car park, effectively hemming in the one car that was already there. Having done that, he, of course, then wanted to leave, necessitating much reversing and re parking, not unlike an MX5 Rubik cube. We then went up some more interesting roads, such as the Old Road to Largs, which was fun in the wet, with it's huge puddles to keep the driver awake and alert, not to mention the stretch of road which had positioned it's cattle grids on corners. If you've never driven over a wet cattle grid on a corner and felt first the front end break away then just as you get control, the back end going too, I can honestly say you've missed a driving experience you're going to want to try less than once.

So late were we away from the restaurant that some chose to go home from there, while the rest took shortcuts home from the rest of the route, until just 4 cars remained for the cup of coffee at the end. Thanks are due to Douglas and Linda for both recceing the route and for leading us around it today and for Sandy for helping Douglas recce the route and for taking the lion's share of the abuse for not turning up in a hood down 5.

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