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Tayside BBQ/tech day
Sun 14th Aug 2011 to Sun 14th Aug 2011
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 7
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With 6 cars meeting at Tesco, including new lad Jim and his son with what has to be described as an immaculate Mk1 (in red of course), it was off for a tour through the back roads of Angus. With Tom in the lead, most of us thought that he was obsessed with following a dirty great big black cloud around the countryside. However, the boy(?) done good and not only did we keep dry but we also enjoyed some entertaining B roads that some of us didn't know existed (despite living in the area for donkeys). After fun on the roads, it was back to Tom and Jens' for a spot of well burnt lunch...sorry, well cooked cuisine and to meet up with Graeme, who popped down for a free feed. Much chatting and eating took place before the time came for everyone to journey home, tums full and the world put to rights. Another braw day out in Tayside. Thanks to Tom and Jen (and Jake) for their hospitality. Everyone's invited back there next week...only kidding.

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14th Aug 2011 17:03 :: Tom Jen and jake
Many thanks to Alex for his kind words, especially the boy !! bit Jen and I liked that ,she says I look younger than Alex anyway !! Welcome to Jim and son James, and hope to see you out with us again. Thanks to the usual crew who came and had a good dry day oot with everyone with thier roof down , braw.
  Roll on September the 4TH bring it on !!! just hope that we get a good turn out on the day.

14th Aug 2011 19:08 :: Alex
Thanks again to Tom & Jen for the hospitality. Don't get to carried away with the "boy" bit, let's just say there's a liberal amount of artistic license in its' use:-)

15th Aug 2011 08:10 :: allie
Thank you Jen and Tom,  another smashing day, good run then a lot of fun. I even got home with the top off.

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