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Tayside weekend to west/north
Fri 6th May 2011 to Sun 8th May 2011
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 4
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With a rather dismal weather forecast for the weekend ahead, it was 4 hardy souls that departed for Dunoon. That said, tops were off the other side of Perth and stayed down till our arrival at our hotel. A pleasant journey west/south taking in the odd detour along the south side of Loch Earn as well as a ďthere and back againĒ to Ballquidder. Both single track with passing places but enjoyably twisty nonetheless. Some traffic on the roads but pleased to say they were mainly heading in the opposite direction. A warm welcome from Alec and Lynn at The Rosscairn was followed by a satisfying feed and an equally satisfying tincture before wandering off to bed.

Woke Saturday to pouring rain but a leisurely breakfast gave it plenty of time to pass and allowed tops down from the off for a trip to Campbeltown. Enjoyable though the fairly empty main roads were what with their sweeping bends and tight curves, once past Tarbert saw a superb detour along the B8001/B842. Describing it as a bit twisty/hilly is like saying Alec Salmond is a bit smug. Sevaral hairpins are almost 1st gear and itís like driving up a spiral staircase, 25 miles of heaven. Itís virtually all single track with plenty of passing places and few other cars to be seen.

Arriving at Campbeltown saw the end of our alfresco motoring with a downpour that soaked us even though we were only 150yards from the cars. So it was a canny journey back up the main road to Tarbert allowing us time to dry off nicely before yet more top down driving back to Dunoon. Or rather just before Dunoon, the heavens opened up once again. Despite that, it was still 240 miles of fun. Further (satisfying) feeding accompanied with fewer tinctures saw us slip wearily to bed slightly earlier than the previous night (it would allow Colin more time to dream about fire enginesÖor was it firemen? I canít remember).

Sunday morning gave us another downpour and didnít stop till we were ready to depart when only one hardy individual (or idiot) elected to go top down. It wasnít long though when others saw the light and once again our convoy was wandering along as it should; open air, empty roads, sweeping bends etc. On reflection, we were fortunate to get as far as Lochearnhead before the weather dictated that hoods had to go up again, and didnít give us much cause to consider otherwise before we all went our separate ways at Perth.

All in all, over 500 miles of motoring with upwards of 350 topless. Given the forecast, we were lucky not to have the weather put a bigger damper than it did. I think we would all have taken that percentage before we left. A thoroughly braw weekend!

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Your Comments
8th May 2011 17:57 :: Colin (alf)
A great weekend despite the weather,Good company be it only four of us ! Hotel Rosscairn was excellant as was our hosts Alex & Lynn,Lynn`s cooking is sublime,many thanks.

8th May 2011 18:08 :: alice
I agree with all Colin says,I
had a wonderful weekend, Thanks guys for putting up with me !!!

8th May 2011 18:26 :: Colin (alf)
Alice, just going to polish off the Morgan`s to steady my nerves after my little slide !!

8th May 2011 19:27 :: alice
Cheers,  like he pics.

8th May 2011 22:08 :: Graham K
Weather was great.. just a little damp for part of the time... Food was thinks Alec was the main cook.... but Lynn\'s cheese cake were great. Drives were brill.. particularly coast road down to Campbletown..  thanks guys for good weekend.

9th May 2011 09:02 :: Malc
Looks like some nice roads down that way.
Did Allie get lost?

9th May 2011 12:29 :: alice

9th May 2011 15:41 :: Alex
Malc who? Was that yon splitter who went over to the dark side? Anyway, report now posted. Be gentle, it's my first time doing it so hope it works OK. Any grammatical errors are someone else's and nothing at all to do with me.

9th May 2011 16:14 :: Alex
Forgot to mention, the nail came out OK without any accompanying hisssssssssss.

9th May 2011 17:52 :: tom
Hi to you Alex and to the other  \"travellers\" too. Sorry could not be with you as we were looking forward to it.My sinus and flu still not cleared (it\'s driving me nuts) not gettin a breath,Jen threatening to go to her sisters until it clears.
  We are hoping to go on Centrals run to Tentsmuir on Sunday though. Glad that you all habe a fab weekend.

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