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NSS - Tarmac and Turf BBQ
Sun 27th Jun 2010
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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The Tarmac and Turf BBQ

Sunday 27th June 2010

What a fantastic day, 7 cars arrived at Tesco's for our run out. We left at 10:30 am for our run around the great Angus back (quiet) roads.

Our roofs were all down as the sun was shining (mostly). We enjoyed a good run and conditions and road junctions were kind to us with virtually no traffic to break up our little train. Alan kindly allowed Margaret to have her first run driving their MX-5 and she told me after that she had a great drive. We did approx 65 miles back to our house.



Once home I got busy with the BBQ's and Jen served the drinks with a little help from our grandson Michael. In no time all were fed and then we had a good blether. All to soon it was time for the folks to go but not before Colin (Alf) dropped in for a short visit.


Anyway thanks to all who took the time/effort to come out to play. Goodbyes were said, people left, we tidied up, sat down with a brandy and coke, put on the TV to see the last 15 mins of that football match on the BBC and you beauty England were stuffed!!! and "oot the world cup" What a fantastic end to a great day. Jen and I look forward to seeing you at Lindisfarne next weekend.

Report by: Jen and Tom

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Your Comments
27th Jun 2010 17:39 :: allice
Had a fantastic day, great run then a lot of fun at Tom and Jens barbeque, thank you both

27th Jun 2010 18:08 :: Colin S
The perfect day: a brisk MX-5 run, a high quality BBQ, a laugh with friends and England getting gubbed. Great to see you all again and thanks to Tom and Jen for all the hard work in organising today.

27th Jun 2010 18:13 :: Jacqueline and Ian
Sorry we missed the run, sounds like it was great fun. Thoroughly enjoyed the BBQ and the NSS hospitality. Many thanks to Jen, Tom, Michael and  cool Jake.

27th Jun 2010 19:53 :: Alex
Tom/Jen, thanks again for organising today. Thoroughly enjoyable drive and relaxing lunch with a good blether to boot. Capped off nicely on my return home with some alcohol, Sunday papers and the Grand Prix. Superb day and not a chore in sight.

27th Jun 2010 21:39 :: Malc
Alex - you're a lucky boy, I had lots of chores to do before my wife gets back tomorrow. I've done all my washing, dried it in the tumble drier and got it ironed. I didn't sit down till 9 pm. Tomorrow morning I'll do the dusting and hoovering. Great run around Angus today & thanks to Tom & Jen for hosting the barbie!

27th Jun 2010 22:44 :: chic
Enjoyed the day out in Angus today - thanks to Tom and Jen for the tour and hospitality. Good to catch up again with acquaintances from NSS

28th Jun 2010 12:00 :: tom
It was great to see a few of the centre members coming across the water to visit us. Thanks to those who made the effort to attend. cheers

30th Jun 2010 22:50 :: Alan
Well done Tom and Jen - great day, even though I wasn\'t driving!  Still, glad I was there otherwise Margaret would have been overtaking you! 

1st Jul 2010 22:28 :: tom
Hi Alan ,glad you both enjoyed the day out,you as a passenger and enjoying a beer and Margeret for enjoying her first drive,thanks for Alan pls send me a copy of the phots that you took on sunday please

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