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NSS - Glamis Tsp Extravaganza
Sat 10th Jul 2010 to Sat 10th Jul 2010
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 8
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We will meet up at McDonalds at 10 am, convoy to Glamis, take a look around the Transport extravaganza, then head out for a run - grab some lunch, Venue TBC.
Glamis entry fee is £9 for Adults and £6 for children and OAPs.
Details can be found at :

*** please note that we will be meeting on SATURDAY 10th not Friday 11th as previously posted sorry.
  will anyone going please be at McDonalds by 09:30 so we can have something to eat/drink prior to going to Glamis (it will probably be better/cheaper too) cheers

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Your Comments
10th Jul 2010 13:58 :: alice sheach
I enjoyed the run today, before I got home, I had to put the top up at Beech hedges. pity someone was too chicken to come out to play in the rain !!!!!!!!!

10th Jul 2010 14:34 :: Malc McChicken
Where were all you "chickens" last Sunday?

10th Jul 2010 16:23 :: Tom
Hi,good turn out today and a good run too ! where were you Malc ? we missed you too !!

10th Jul 2010 16:35 :: Malc
I was polishing my car - so it looks nice when I go to Glamis tomorrow.

10th Jul 2010 17:07 :: alice sheach
Hey Malc  I did,nt mention any names !! but I like the wee chook.  Are you coming for chips on wed  ?

11th Jul 2010 08:55 :: johnboy McChicken
Hi, Great run - Freedom at last to get out for the day. A great run in less than perfect conditions! The car was definately the star today. Rather than walk about in the mud, better to celebrate transport by using it - nice to see y'all again.
I won't be at Glamis Today - back to DIY mode.

11th Jul 2010 16:44 :: Malc
I didn't even get to Glamis on Sunday.
I got a frantic phone call from my wife last night at 9.30 pm - her "Sleasy Jet" flight from Edinburgh to London had been cancelled. She was too late to get on the BA flight, so she wanted me to go to the airport to pick her up and take her down to London for her 9 am flight to Greece this morning. What a drive - heavy rain and standing water on the M74/M6 all the way down to Preston. We got to her pre-booked B&B for 5.30 am. I got a couple of hours sleep and a shower and ate my wife's breakfast. The owner took her to the airport at 7.30 am. Then I set off for Scotland again at 9.30 am.

12th Jul 2010 12:40 :: Alex
I take it you were not in the 5.

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