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Pub Meet - Edinburgh
Thu 14th Jan 2010
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 7
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Easterly Pub Meet

Thursday 14th January 2010

Craigmillar Park Golf Club
1 Observatory Road


The first pub meet of the year tuned out to be a great success in spite of the weather. The last two scheduled events (the Tech Day in November and the New Year run) both had to be cancelled due to severe weather conditions. When I left for work on Thursday morning the snow was falling heavily, oh no I thought we canít cancel again.  But weíre a tough lot in Central Scotland and 7 cars (only 2 - MX-5ís) with 12 members braved the elements to get to the event.

We were all warmly welcomed by Gordon our host for the evening. Following the New Year handshakes, some refreshments and typical MX-5 banter it was time for dinner. The chef had laid on a special Italian Menu for us which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The rest of the evening was spent chatting about every subject under the sun including some techy MX-5 items.

The pub nights are very informal and provide a wonderful way to get to know other members in a very social environment. If youíve not been to one yet, you donít know what you're missing.

Molti grazie a tutto per una sera grande, particolarmente Gordon e tutto il personale al Craigmillar Golf il randello.

Report by: Ian Ness


Pizza Primavera
Pizza Pollo e Funghi
Spaghetti Carbonara
e dopo
Dolce Settimana.

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Your Comments
15th Jan 2010 10:51 :: Dot and Chas
Another fabby evening,good food,good company.
Thanks to Gordon for organsising the feast!
Jon ,where were you?

15th Jan 2010 18:00 :: Ian
Molti grazie a tutto per una sera grande, particolarmente Gordon e tutto il personale al Craigmillar Golf il randello.

15th Jan 2010 20:14 :: chic and heather
Can you put a translator link on the website Ian ...
Fun filled night yet again with good food to enhance the evening. Good to see that the conversation had moved on from sausages at previous night to more "techy" plugs thus time!

15th Jan 2010 20:21 :: wattie97
Another enjoyable evening with great food (thanks Gordon)and good company. A bit quieter last night but Jim assures me Maria will be at the next one.Hey Ho!
Wattie and Janet.

15th Jan 2010 20:56 :: JimF
Great to see everyone again with good food to match the company. Thanks to my driver for the night, Wattie and Maria is gearing up for the next pub night. cheers Jim and Maria

17th Jan 2010 18:13 :: Jon
Hello - very sorry I was not able to make it! It looks like you all had a good time! I hope to see you all soon. Cheers, Jon

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