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Fish n' Chips Run
Sun 28th Feb 2010
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 14
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The Fish n' Chips Run

Sunday 28th February 2010

Weather Watch 27/02/10 at 18:15

All roads clear of snow.
A few big puddles where thawing is taking place.


Met Office website.


Meet at 13:00 for a 14:00 departure

Meeting point

The Falkirk Wheel
Millenium Wheel Road

The Falkirk Wheel

The plan is to meet at the Falkirk Wheel then a run around some great MX-5 style roads finally ending at Benny t's for fish n' chips.

We will have around one hour at the wheel before the run departs allowing time for coffee / snack at the wheel cafe or a look around the visitor centre.


At 1:45pm we will walk back over the canal to assemble the members at the main Falkirk Wheel car park off the A803 Glasgow road. We propose departing at 2:00pm.

Please note: All canal boat sailings for this date are now cancelled.

Click here to find some fascinating and historic sites on the run.

Benny t's

A raffle will be held at this event with the proceeds going to.

Maggies Cancer Caring Centre Edinburgh

Donations of prizes are always welcome.

Run organisers: Jim and Wattie

Car count so far

01 - Sue & Gordon
02 - Jacqueline & Ian
03 - Heather & Chic
04 - Maria & Jim
05 - Moira & Gordon
06 - Janet & Wattie
07 - Gavin
08 - Wilson & Kenneth
09 - Stella
10 - Carol and Heather
11 - Helen and Alan
12 - John and Mrs
13 - Stuart

If you would like to join us please post below.

TomTom Sat Nav Itinerary: (Updated 30/01/10


01 - Connect your TomTom to your PC with the USB cable.
02 - Click here to download 20100228_Run.itn file
03 - At "File Download" window click Save
04 - At "Save in" browse to your TomTom device. Example: TomTom Go (F:)
05 - Open the itn folder on your TomTom.
06 - Click Save
07 - Disconnect your TomTom from the PC.
08 - Go to the Itinerary Planning section of your TomTom.
09 - Select: Options/Load Itinerary/20100228_Run

For further information please refer to your TomTom documentation for instructions on using Itineraries.

Google Map details of the route:

View Larger Map

Microsoft Word Route Details:


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Your Comments
28th Feb 2010 19:26 :: wattie97
Well it turned out ok in the end but the question must be asked "Who allowed an idiot to lead a convoy?" Then allowed him to stop for a comfort break in the middle of nowhere.
Thanks anyway to Jim and Maria for all your hard work and organisation. Hope I will be forgiven.

28th Feb 2010 20:43 :: JimF
It was great to finally have an MX5 run this year. Never a dull moment at these runs and thanks Wattie for not letting us down, a slight technical hitch with TomTom only making it a more interesting run for all the new members. Letting them see the Falkirk Wheel from another angle was a brilliant idea. (plan B ). Great company as always, good to see new members from far and near and great fish and chips. Thanks to everyone for their help and also a big thank you to Wattie and Janet who also put in a lot of time and effort to make this run happen.
Jim and Maria

28th Feb 2010 21:19 :: crian
wattie- I am so disappointed that my BIG story for HELLO & OK has now evaporated! Oh-well there will always be another one!! good to see that you got a good window in the weather+ enjoyed your meal! - see u all sometime, and hopefully all the recent new members!

Best Regards Crian.

28th Feb 2010 21:33 :: Jacqueline and Ian
At long last the first run of the year is now under our belt, and what a brilliant day it was.

Many thanks to Maria & Jim and Janet & Wattie for planning such a great route and finding such a friendly eating “plaice”. Benny t’s fish n chips must rank as one of the best in Scotland (not to mention the yummy ice cream says Jacqueline).

Good to see so many new faces, hope you all had a fun day and we’ll see you again soon.

28th Feb 2010 21:54 :: helen, alan
Thanks for a very enjoyable day out. Nice to meet everyone. The views were spectacular and our fish and chip tea at Benny T's was a delight. Once we get our headgear sorted out next time we'll try it with the hood down!!!

See ya soon
Helen & Alan

ps Already nagging Alan about upgrading to the MK2.

28th Feb 2010 22:24 :: Chic and Heather
Thanks to Jim and Maria, Wattie and Janet for the organisation in getting us on the road at last in 2010. A lot of additional work due to the weather but even after 3 reccies of the route the memory deserted the car at the front - obviously his mind was on Krakov. Good to see many new faces joining us and thanks to the members who travelled long distances today to join in - hope everyone thought it was worthwhile and look forward to seeing you all again in the future

1st Mar 2010 16:13 :: JohnF
Thanks to all the organising crew for a grand day oot and aboot our old home territory.The weather made for an interesting day but the hood stayed down all the way.Great fish and chips and even greater company. Hope to see you all soon.
John and Magret.

1st Mar 2010 18:21 :: Gavin
Thanks to the Bo'ness mafia for organising this run. Great roads, great company and great food. Not even the weather could stop us this time. great to re-visit roads from my past.

1st Mar 2010 20:35 :: Carol (aka Thermal)
Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable day out, lovely to meet everyone! I'd started to worry about my co-pilot's ability to follow directions but have forgiven her now realising the convoy leader was heading the wrong way! Thanks again and see you soon.
Carol & Heather

1st Mar 2010 22:43 :: Richard & Eileen
A good run after the various angles of the wheel!! good meal & company. thanks to the organisers

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