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CS The Gathering
Sun 25th Jul 2010
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 59
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The Gathering

Sunday 25th July 2010
The Scottish Vintage Bus Museum

Following three years of the same format it was felt that The Gathering was becoming repetitive and loosing some of the original interest in it, and most importantly it was not offering its main reason for being in that members from different parts of Scotland, although meeting, were not getting the opportunity to mix, meet and chat with each other.

The AC’s of the various areas decided that change was needed and, following a meeting to discuss, a new format was hastily put together.

The main ideas were that we should have a new time of year - hopefully to provide better weather, a new venue - hopefully to provide a variety of events and a new format - hopefully to allow time and opportunity for the members from a range of locations to meet one another and make new friendships.
That was the idea.

At 8.00am we arrived to begin setting up the site and were welcomed with heavy grey skies, spots of rain and a rising wind - not the improved weather we had hoped for and all we could do was hope that the other “improvements” did not fail as well.
Soon, however, the erection of the event shelters began to take shape and the site began to look like an event arena and at about 9.30 spirits were lifted further as Phoenix Mazda arrived with the new limited edition Miyako much to the surprise of most of our helpers. As the car had only arrived in Scotland on Friday only 4 of us new it was coming as we did not want to announce it and then find it did not arrive.
It was duly parked in its garage and “hidden” away while Peter and Ross from Phoenix got it ready for presentation to the attendees.

Cars soon began to trickle in and we wondered if we had given ourselves enough time to get everything ready but just before 10.30, the opening time for The Gathering, the last of the exhibits was put into place and we were open for business.

The trickle soon became a stream as first the convoy from NSS arrived and it was soon followed by the convoy from NSE.
Soon the field was a myriad of colours as 59 MX5’s were lined up dependant on Mark and the judging of the best cars commenced.



At 11.15 all gathered around the only shelter which had not been opened and the Miyako made its entrance. Phoenix left a representative on site for the whole day so all interested could look over the newest addition to the MX5 family and question Ross about it.


The Scottish Launch of the New MX-5 Miyako by Phoenix Mazda Paisley

The museum area was soon filled with the sound of 50 vintage commercial vehicles to add to the permanent exhibits of buses, fire engines etc which offered a variety of viewing for our members to wander around.
So with the new Miyako, the buses and vintage trucks and the new events shelters displaying a history of the club and the MX5 it appeared that our idea of providing different events was taking shape.

A buffet lunch was then served and by the sound of the chatter there was plenty of chat going on between members and when we emerged from lunch into sunshine it appeared that all our hopes of improvement were beginning to take shape.

The treasure hunt got under way, car judging neared conclusion, raffle tickets were sold, interest in the Miyako continued and the laughter levels increased - especially when Heather…not the Heather with me….gave a coloured account of her opinion on a wedding ring… had to be there to understand but no doubt she will explain to you the next time you meet her.

All too soon time for concluding the event came upon us and we gathered around for the prize giving and speeches.

The 3 Best of show cars.


Best Mark 1 - Brian Wardrope ........ Best Mark 2/2.5 - Ramsey Ashby ........ Best Mark 3/3.5 - Martin Pawsey

Treasure Hunt Winners - Helen and Mark

The raffle raised £195.00 for Maggies Cancer Care / Club Funds and thanks as always to all who donated prizes and contributed to this cause.

The raffle being drawn

Ian Ness then gave a closing speech thanking all who had attended and helped in making the event a success before the baton was handed over to Ian Hindmarsh for next year and he invited everyone to join the North Scotland members in the North East for next years event.

Finally it is difficult to thank everyone who contributed to this event without the danger of missing and offending someone, however at risk of that, I feel some thanks is due to those who worked so hard to make this event go well.

So with apologies to anyone I miss;

Thanks to Phoenix Mazda in Paisley for their support of the event and for launching the Miyako with us.

Thanks to our 3 judges, Sarah, Richard and Eddie who worked for most of the day and walked the site to near exhaustion to ensure that their choices were fair and reasoned.

Thanks to our helpers on the day for taking entrance fees, selling badges and raffles, parking the cars, setting out the buffet and providing tea and coffee. Janet and Wattie, Maria and Jim, Sue and Gordon and Heather.

Thanks to all who helped put up and particularly dismantle the vents shelters - too many to name.

Thanks to all the ACs from the other areas of Scotland who supported Ian and myself in promoting this change to The Gathering and in bringing their members to the event.

A very big thanks to all who attended especially to those who made long journeys to join us We enjoyed the company of visitors from as far a spread as Dumfries, Ayrshire, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness as well as many areas in between and without your attendance the event would not have been worth having.

And finally events such as these don’t just happen they need a lot of planning and preparation.
Since we first decided upon this venture back in April Ian and Jacqueline have spent innumerable hours finding and arranging a venue, preparing a treasure hunt route, preparing a display of the club history, liasing with all involved in helping and carrying out trial runs of event shelter erection with the displays insitu to ensure all went well and facilities were in place to allow everyone to enjoy themselves.
We owe them both a huge thanks for their efforts.

We hope everyone enjoyed their day out and that we will see you all again next year at The Gathering in the North East.

Report by: Charles Kennedy

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Your Comments
25th Jul 2010 19:40 :: Sarah
Just got back, what a great day, very busy but fun. Looking forward to next year now.

26th Jul 2010 08:52 :: Richard
An enjoyable, but tiring day, must be all that walking :)

26th Jul 2010 10:36 :: johnf
Thanks for organising a great day out. Mx5's,old buses and even a drive through of old commercials,a rich and varied day.

Hope to see you all soon.

John and Margaret

26th Jul 2010 19:06 :: wattie97
Another good day with our MX5 friends. Great choice of venue. Nice to see so many people turning up although the weather did not look great early on. Well done to planners and we look fprward to next year up in the Northeast.
  Wattie & Janet.

26th Jul 2010 19:28 :: Carol
Had a brilliant day yesterday - big thanks to all those involved in organising and helping out.  I'd apologise to anyone inadvertantly offended by Heather's fruity language (but that would mean having to own up to her being with me...) Ramsay - don't worry, I think her offer to be a 'sugar mummy' was a joke - possibly ! ;-)

26th Jul 2010 19:59 :: Susan
Thanks to all for organising and running the event. Was good to see so many there and my dad enjoyed his wander round.

26th Jul 2010 20:59 :: chic
Carol - and i thought Ramsey was smiling because he had won best car ....

27th Jul 2010 07:36 :: JimF
Our first "Gathering" and what an enjoyable day it was. It was a pleasure to meet all the other MX5 owners and have a blether with people who were attending their first event. Looking forward to next year.
Jim and Maria

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