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The Top Secret Run
Sun 29th Aug 2010
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 10
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The Top Secret Run

Sunday 29th August 2010

For this run we thought we would try something a little bit different to our usual Sunday run and lunch, this is what we came up with, The Top Secret Run.

Scotlandís best kept secret for over 40 years, hidden beneath an innocent Scottish Farmhouse.  A tunnel leads to,
Scotlandís Secret Bunker, 24,000 square feet of Secret accommodation the size of two football pitches, one on top of another, on two levels 100 feet underground.

During the Cold War, had there been a nuclear incident, this is where Scotland would have been Governed.

Our tour of discovery started in Stirling where 9 agents and 6 stealth cars assembled and were given the secret route for the day. Joining us on their first club run were Robert and Gary proudly showing off their very smart Mariner Blue Mk1. The car has just undergone a great deal of restoration and theyíre both justifiably very proud of the end result.

The plan was to avoid being spotted by any KGB surveillance cameras, so in true MX-5 tradition we headed for the twisty back roads. Winding our way to the new Clackmannanshire Bridge we slipped unnoticed over the River Forth and on into deepest Fife.  Once we arrived in Aberargie we were joined by another 6 secret agents in 4 stealth cars from the NSS area. The 10 cars then continued undiscovered to the far reaches of Fife and the secret bunker.


Prior to the event our negotiating team had arranged a group discount admission charge for our party saving £1 per head. What we hadn't expected was the super slick bargaining power of NSS members Eileen and Malc who negotiated an even better deal saving us £2 per head. How did they do it, well they got us all in as OAPís, this may be OK for most of us but I did feel for Gary.

After the long drive the first stop was the canteen and some sustenance for us all.  Following lunch we then explored the bunker and all itís secret treasures. It was also interesting to find out that one of our party, an ex Observer Corp member, had actually spent some time in the bunker when it was in use.



All too soon it was time to leave and continue our run. The drive down the Fife coast can be very scenic, but with all the bank holiday traffic it was thought best avoided. This made the run more interesting as we travelled along even more winding back roads. We passed through many well known Fife towns, Arncroach, New Gilston, Woodside, Bonnybank and Cluny to name a few before ending the run in South Queensferry.

This turned out to be yet another enjoyable MX-5 event. Our thanks go to those members who travelled over from the west and also the NSS members from the north for making it a great success.

Report by: Ian Ness


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Your Comments
29th Aug 2010 16:17 :: tom and jen
Nice run,good to meet up with Central members again.Liked the" Secret Bunker" But due to no advice from the receptionist most of it will remain just that a "secret" The internal steps were too steep for both Jen and I, so it was only the first floor and the Naffi for a roll and a cuppa.Still we enjoyed the run.many thanks to the organisers.

29th Aug 2010 17:24 :: Colin (ald) NSS
Thanks Ian for a nice wee run for us from NSS.
Good venue and a lovely breakfast.Then i fooled Malc into taking the Secret route home !!!

29th Aug 2010 17:33 :: allie NSS
Thanks Ian and all from central for making us welcome. I had a great day, enjoyed the run home even without a gear knob,

29th Aug 2010 18:58 :: Malc & Eileen NSS
A really enjoyable day out, we had a lovely time. Sorry we had to leave early - we were meeting up with friends in St Andrews for a meal.

29th Aug 2010 19:23 :: Colin
Cracking good photo`s Malc !

29th Aug 2010 21:26 :: robert and gary
Hi ian thanks for a great day out, photo"s are super. We rally enjoyed the day, nice to meet everyone. May have prblen next run who to take lesley or gary

29th Aug 2010 21:48 :: JimF
A most enjoyable day out,didn't know you could drive from Crail to South Queensferry along great country roads. Good to meet Robert and Gary for the first time and the members from NSS.

31st Aug 2010 21:05 :: robert craig
thanks to jimf (last car) really made us feel welcome hope to meet you all in the future
robert and lesley

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