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The Reivers Run
Sat 19th Jun 2010 to Sun 20th Jun 2010
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 12
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The Reivers Run

Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th June 2010

The Reiverís Run turned out to be a rather understated title for what was a weekend to remember and hopefully to be repeated.  Roofs down for days, unbroken sunshine, good company, good food, friendly and welcoming accommodation, a birthday celebration and excellent music. What more could one ask for? Well interesting and new roads might be the answer and these were served up in great quantity with hill climbs, scenic views, sun speckled forest roads, historic towns, abbeys and castles and a water splash through a ford for added fun.

The Reivers of old may have used these areas to hide their stolen cattle but the old drove roads now provide excellent MX5 motoring through unspoilt and largely still hidden roads through which our modern day Reivers Ian and Gordon guided us ably assisted by Fiona and Moira.


The start at Innerleithen.

Leaving  Innerleithen to the sounds of Pipe Bands tuning up for their competition we headed south to enter Ettrick Forest where the road was dappled in sunshine poking through the forest leafs before we climbed up past remote lochs glittering in the morning sunshine to cross the rounded hillsides which witnessed numerous past clashes between Scots and English before entering the historic border town of Hawick.  Hawick was largely destroyed by the English in 1570 but through its knitwear and rugby it has been rebuilt to its former status.

Continuing south we passed through river cut hillsides towards Hermitage Castle with its violent history of death by boiling and burning but which was also an area where Mary Queen of Scots rode out to meet her lover Bothwell.  In the warming sunshine and gentle hillsides  it certainly felt  more an area of romance than that of violence.

Gordonís temperature rose as he encountered signs warning of a road closure rather than due to the temperature rise as the sun continued to beat down but fortunately it appeared that the border folk did not work at weekends so we were able to continue on without disruption to our lunch stop in Newcastleton.


At Newcastleton for lunch.

An excellent lunch was enjoyed by all and after a photo shoot in the village square we headed off to carry out our own border raid as we crossed the border into England and entered Kielder Forest . An interesting drive found us passing Kielder Water with its peninsulas and harbours to encourage watersports  before  we headed deeper into Northumberland Forest Park and then turned north to cross the Cheviots and rise up to the viewpoint at Carter Bar.


The Scotland & England border at Carter Bar.

The chill hilltop wind restricted the time spent and we soon headed down into Scotland and the border river valleys where we passed over a water splash photo opportunity at a ford near Pennymuir Hall before continuing over the moorland to arrive at Jedburgh.
While we all viewed the ruins of Jedburgh Abbey which was founded in 1138 Ian decided that at 15.44  it was time for another ice cream.


Queuing up for the car wash.


Ice cream at Jedburgh Abbey

We then continued on the short drive to the village of Denholm, sitting above the River Teviot, where we gathered on the large village green beside the Victorian monument  for another photo shoot. At this point Ron and Lorna left us to head home and we all parked up at our overnight halt.



The village green in Denholm.

On finding that the hotel had a beer garden we soon gathered for a pre- dinner refreshment in the afternoon sun before retiring to dress for dinner.

A quick bar stop allowed us to choose our dinner order before we were led to the dining room. It was soon clear which table was ours as the walls adjacent were bedecked in large posters of Wattie thanks to our Border hosts. If Wattie thought that his 60th Birthday was going to pass by unnoticed it was now evident to him that he was seriously mistaken.


The birthday celebrations.

An enjoyable dinner concluded with Fiona presenting Wattie with a sports car cake which he divided into slices with great aplomb. The requisite song was sung before Ian and Gordon began an evening of folk music which was greatly appreciated by all, both by those within our group and by the other hotel guests. All to soon the evening concluded with a rendition of Caledonia.

Next morning, after breakfast, we were joined by Gordon and Sue, John and Ian and Fionaís son and friend as we viewed the motor bike and classic car show.


We then did a circuit of the village green before Susan and Wilson headed off for another engagement and the rest of us headed  back into the border backroads. Passing through Teviotdale and  Ancrum Moor we arrived in Kelso with its 12th century abbey before continuing past the ever impressive Floors Castle and Mellerston House. The sun was beginning to take its toll on a number of foreheads so we arrived in Lauder with some relief for lunch.

After lunch goodbyes and thanks were said as we all headed on our separate ways after a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable weekend.

Many thanks to Moira, Fiona, Gordon and Ian for organising such an splendid weekend. Only 12 months left to organise the follow up.

Report by: Charles Kennedy

Google Map details of the weekend route:

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Your Comments
20th Jun 2010 15:48 :: chic amd heather
Many thanks to Fiona and Moira for organising an excellent weekend and also to Gordon and Ian for providing chauffeur services for the ladies and for the entertainment on Saturday night.Excellent roads, food and company - thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend

20th Jun 2010 16:18 :: Ian
What a brilliant weekend, many thanks to Moira & Gordon and Fiona & Ian for all the organisation. It was just perfect from start to Finnish.

20th Jun 2010 17:07 :: Gavin
Wow. So many of us just batter on down south using the main arteries in to England and just do not appreciate what lies in between. It has taken our true borderers Gordon and Moira and Ian and Fiona to show us what we have been missing all these years of heading north. What fantastic roads and countryside lies hidden just a few miles off the beaten track. A good time was had by all and Britney even made an appearance and I'll never be able to look at a Dyson vacuum cleaner in the same light again. You just had to have been there.

20th Jun 2010 19:33 :: wattie97
Thanks to Gordon,Moira,Ian and Fiona for oranising a fantastic weekend. The runs on both days were superb. The hotel, food,drinkies and entertainment were excellent as was the company. Can`t wait to see what they do for next year. More of the same would be ideal.Thanks again.
  Wattie & Janet.

20th Jun 2010 20:10 :: JimF
Brilliant weekend again. Lots of thanks to Ian,Gordon,Fiona and Moira for their superb runs ,choices of hotels and entertainment; what a package. You will need to let us know how you managed to book the great weather.
Jim and Maria

20th Jun 2010 22:03 :: ron & lorna
Thanks to all involved in organising the Saturday run,a brilliant day on tremendous roads,love the watersplash photo would like a copy if possible.Lots of similar roads still to be found in the Borders  please come back.

21st Jun 2010 08:09 :: Gordon & Moira
Delighted that everyone enjoyed the weekend and thank you for the kind comments. Let's hope it wasn't just beginner's luck.
Can't guarantee the weather but can promise more roads of the same quality.
Must go, Bongo and Charlie calling.

21st Jun 2010 10:20 :: Jon
Sounds like I missed a great day on Saturday, but Sunday was excellent. Great route/roads, good radio comms, great people. Thanks to organisers.

22nd Jun 2010 21:20 :: Fiona and Ian
Had a great time, nice to see everyone again and it was such a pleasure to introduce the club to our own area.    Thanks for all the positive comments, it's very much appreciated.
Looks like an annual event now...!      Oh and by the way, still having nightmares about Dyson hoovers....!

23rd Jun 2010 17:57 :: Ian
Full report now posted.

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