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Tech Day & BBQ
Sun 6th Jun 2010
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 10
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Tech Day & BBQ

Sunday 6th June 2010

We had a change of location this time. Eastwards to sunny Dunbar, well it was scorching hot the day before with the sun splitting the sky. Alas, this wasnít the case today as the rain set in. Iain Fleming had kindly offered the use of his premises so that we could hold the tech day and had also arranged a short morning run through East Lothianís rural countryside prior to arriving at the venue.

Iain met us at Eskbank on a dry but heavily overcast morning and with hoods down we set off on the 60 minute blast through quiet and scenic routes interspersed with quaint villages. A thoroughly enjoyable start to the day however was dampened minutes before we arrived in Dunbar as the forecast rain arrived and hoods were hastily raised Ė well those without electronic hoods were soon covered and patiently waited for those with modern electronics to get undercover as well.

A short stop at Dunbar Asda to meet Richard and Eileen and then we were met by Bobby and his owner Evy. It was great to meet Bobby again after last yearís run to Eyemouth and equally good to see Evy again after too long a gap.

After some time standing chatting in what I was told was the clubs new event shelter, the question was asked. Did Tesco donate them to the club? Answer, no they didnít. Then why are we all standing in what looked to me to be a trolley park in their car park. Oh, perhaps this isnít the venue after all. Back to the cars and following a five minute drive we pulled up at the correct location.

On arrival we were all happy to find that one of the clubs real event shelters had been erected and the BBQ was ready to be ignited. MX-5 owners have certain basic needs Iím told, shelter, food and drink and they had all been admirably addressed. Iain soon got to work as head BBQ chef for the burgers, sausages and chicken while the ladies laid out the table in readiness. The hungry hoard then descended like locusts on the well prepared feast. Sipping drinks and munching the food and at the same time chatting between ourselves about the current issues (mostly trivia) in our MX-5 world, who says we canít multi task. All this while staying nice and dry inside the vast space created by the new shelter. This was a great test of its suitability for club use and it was agreed by all that it passed with flying colours, we were all impressed.



In the New Event Shelter

Back to the ďTech DayĒ after all that was why we were here. Following lunch the men headed for the garage leaving the ladies to do what they do best, the clearing up. Sorry got that bit wrong they were sitting round sipping drinks and chatting between themselves.

Back to the garage as there was plenty of work to be done. Alex planned to have his mud flaps fitted unfortunately they didnít arrive in time, undeterred his boot rack was fitted instead. Chic planned to fit a new side light bulb but forgot to buy one so fitted a new front number plate plinth instead. Evy planned the biggest job, she wanted a new roof. Richard fiddled around with her rubber seals and hey presto not only a fixed roof but a delighted Evy as well. Are you starting to see a pattern appearing here, you wish to do one thing, abandon that and do something completely different?



In the Garage

After some time, things started to go as planned. Iain had a larger wish list, to fit new rear lights, a wind breaker and new wheels to his car. So after some drilling and screwing, jacking and bolting they were all done, giving a smart fresh new look to his trusty Mk1.

This was a great Tech Day, enjoyed by all, such about shame the weather. Many thanks, to Lu, Iain and Alexander for your wonderful hospitality and for making the day a great success, it was greatly appreciated by us all.

Report by: Ian and Chic

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Your Comments
6th Jun 2010 19:04 :: Colin and Sandra
It rained, he gave us shelter. We were hungry, he gave us food. He gave us spanners and we felt like proper men in a man house.
Thank you Iain

6th Jun 2010 19:54 :: Jacqueline and Ian
To Lu and Iain many thanks for a great day. Thoroughly enjoyed staying nice and dry in the shelter with you all.

6th Jun 2010 20:00 :: chic and heather
Thanks to Iain and Lou for the hospitality, to Richard for his advice and to Iain for the run down this morning. Enjoyable day and good to see the event shelter working well. Nice to see Evy again

6th Jun 2010 20:49 :: Richard & Eileen
Great day despite the rain, girls forced to sit inside, and chat!!!!
Many thanks to Ian and Lu for their hospitality

6th Jun 2010 21:12 :: Graeme & Christine Babbs
Great day - using the, er, to change the, er, and altering the, er, with the other, er, thing.

Well, it was definitely a good barbecue anyway. Interesting to see the correct way to remove a number plate plinth and the look on the faces of those who didn't have that skill ;-)

Thanks to Iain and Lu and also to A for the footie lessons.

7th Jun 2010 09:03 :: Jon
Hi guys - sorry I missed this one - I had just returned from my holidays in England - travelling over 1000miles around yorkshire, lake district, down to london etc.

7th Jun 2010 12:30 :: Gavin
Despite the weather it was a good Tech Day and BBQ. Thanks to our hosts Iain and Lu.

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