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The Argyll Run
Sun 16th May 2010
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 14
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Sunday 16th May 2010

A view from the rear.

Turnout 12 + 1/2 + 1/8th (Think about it)

So, what can I say about today? Well, it was a classic start to an MX5 run :- Briefing, Toileting and Departure were all on time, as were the 13 cars participating, then, as usual, a break away group decided to go back to the start after only 300 yds and 3 roundabouts (Wattie please note - you are not alone!)

Quickly back together, before I, as Tail End Charlie, could go back to retrieve the errant bunch, we shot off up the A82 loch side road to catch the front group before heading off over the hills to Faslane and beyond. Top of Loch long saw Richard leave us, having come along for only a short ride in his latest in a long line of MX5s, this one an imported "xyz" ( ? ) with bells & whistles. Sounds good RN.

Onward & upward over hill & dale (Correct - I can't remember where we were.) with sun streaming from on high. A lovely stretch of road became a "long cut" as part had been closed by HM Constabulary, with no advance notice what kind of "exercise" could it have been? So back to the main road to pick up the route further on. Then disaster - precipitation sufficient to necessitate a stop to put the roofs up. I do know where this was. It was at the head of Loch Striven. I've sailed on it a few times and oft wondered why God made such a forsaken stretch of water as this sea loch. Now I know - it's for my comfort stop!

Once again we pressed on and up. On slowing for Tighnabruich most took the opportunity to drop the canvas once more. We ran on via Kames, Meldalloch & Kilfinnan, and passing over Chick's imaginary potholes, we all arrived safely for lunch at The Oystercatcher in Otter Ferry, only to have our images taken by Cartier-McBresson, AKA Ian N, who had been obliged to travel separately and had beaten us to it.

Lunch was taken, with light refreshments, during which stories and views were exchanged twixt old & new members. Great to see lots of newbies. Welcome to you all. You know who you are.

The afternoon section followed the planned route with neither individualistic deviations, such as Karen's earlier dash for freedom, nor group breakouts. 

Crivens, Lock Fyne is a biggie isn't it. Took seemingly ages to get to the top of it. Uneventful progress ensued, through Tyndrum and Crianlarich where we turned right to return to Loch Lomond. in tow with a myriad of Sunday motorists. Oh Joy of Joys!

Panic upping of roofs  somewhere after Ard Lui was remedied a few miles on and the Sun God smiled for the remaining miles.

In all, a gentle, genteel and relaxing run, with better than usual economy, @ 39 mpg for the day. 

See you!

The raffle was held in aid of Maggies Cancer Care and club funds which raised 54.00 and brings the total from 5 events this year to 317.00. As ever thanks again to all who contributed both in providing prizes and buying tickets.

Report By: Gordon


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Your Comments
16th May 2010 17:12 :: Brian & karen
Thanks for a great day.

16th May 2010 18:56 :: steve172
Was a good first run for me, will be sure to make the next one.

17th May 2010 16:02 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Yet another great day out, excellent choice for lunch it was delicious.
Good to meet all the new members, hope you also enjoyed your first club event.
Many thanks to Heather and Chic for the planning and to Gordon for the report.

17th May 2010 16:35 :: Evan & Carol
Great first run for us,great day, great food, great scenery,great friendly members and to top it all Carol won a bottle of wine in the raffle. Will try and make the next one.

17th May 2010 18:28 :: chic
Good day out even if the weather did not quite match the forecast and the constabulary had us going round in circles - still at least the pot holes had disappeared thank goodness.
Good to see so many new faces with us and hope you all enjoyed it and we will see you all again soon. Thanks of course to my brake man Gordon for doing the tail and the report - pity about ...well thank goodness for Loch Striven which now has some extra addition to its contents

17th May 2010 21:01 :: Stewart &Maggie
Good fun great day out Good scenic route.
Finally good food and chat

17th May 2010 22:06 :: Si
Sounds like a good run.  Work meant I couldn't make it..... but Ian, do I spy a new bodykit?  Looks ace!

18th May 2010 12:23 :: Carol
Fab run thru some fantastic scenery and a gret lunch!  Many thanks Chic for the planning.  I'm going to stop bringing Heather along so that others can get a fair chance in the raffle :)

18th May 2010 12:47 :: Mike and Dianne
Really enjoyed our first run, great route and lunch venue. Nice to meet such a friendly group. Looking forward to another one soon.

23rd May 2010 21:08 :: steve172
If anyone hasn't been following the news, it turns out the police operation over Hells Glen road causing our diversion is due to a search for a missing person.

25th May 2010 11:00 :: wattie97
Sorry we missed this one but it sounds like a good time was had by all. Perhaps we will meet the new runners the next time.
    Wattie & Janet.

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