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BTCC Knockhill
Sun 16th Aug 2009 to Sun 16th Aug 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 99
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Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th August 2009

When Ian came over to mine to load his car with the gazebos and banners on the Friday afternoon the two of us were wondering what we were letting ourselves in for. It was windy and wet.
We set off, me in the 15-20 car and Ian in the support vehicle. We aquaplaned our way up the M90 to Knockhill and were directed to our stand. This consisted of half grass and half hard standing down by the hairpin.
We set about by opening one of the gazebo bags only to find that one was faulty but luckily the other gazebo was undamaged. We set it up and secured it with 4 concrete block that Ian had managed to get from a local builders yard, these were secured to the guy ropes. We managed to put the sides on but decided to take them down overnight to allow the wind to howl through the gazebo. Once that was done we parked the car inside and secured the gazebo to that as well. Job done we went and parked by the hairpin to watch some of the free practice and inevitable spills before heading home.

Saturday: Ian and Chic came to pick me up nice and early, the weather was pretty much like it was the night before, windy and wet. As we approached Knockhill we could only see the circuit from about 1/4 of a mile away, it was that driech. Would the gazebo still be standing?
As we approached we could see the lone figure of Graham standing by the car and gazebo. They had both survived the night's storms.
We immediately set about putting up the sides and banners and positioned the car in the best spot to catch the public's eye and waited for our first raffle ticket buyers.
The morning was pretty quiet, probably due to the rain, but by lunchtime there was a steady trickle of customers buying tickets. By now the rain had eased but the wind was still relentless. By the time the racing and qualifying had come to an end the gazebo was looking a bit shaky so we carried out some running repairs in order to secure it for the night. We took the sides off again and left the car and gazebo for the night.

Sunday, Raceday: Again Ian and Chic came to pick me up and the three of us headed back to Knockhill. We could actually see knockhill from about 2 miles away this time although there was still a bit of a breeze and rain in the air. We decided to take the support car in and found to our dismay that the gazebo had succumbed to it's wounds from the day before and was now a twisted and tangled pile of junk lying next to the car. Our tie wraps and bungees had not survived the strong overnight winds. Never ones to let this get us down we moved the car to it's position from the day before and used the back of Ian's car to sell tickets and set up the banners.
The crowds soon started to come in, the rain eased off and qualifying and racing began. The 3 of us kept plugging away at the crowds and in between racing we kept shifting tickets. We had one or two Club mebers past and present drop in to buy tickets, Kevin and his daughter and Alex.
Our stand was in quite a good position to view the racing as well due to the large screen up on the in field which allowed us to view the action over on the far side of the circuit.

By the time we packed up for the day we had made about £540 for Help for Heroes.

My thanks go to Ian, Chic and Graham for giving up their time to help out over the weekend.

My thanks also go to Stuart Gray and Gemma Hobbs from Knockhill management for generously donating us the space to set up our stand.

Overall a general thank you to the members of the public for buying tickets.

By the way the car count was probably in the thousands over the two days.

Report by Gavin Ryans

    Help for Heroes Charity   

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Your Comments
17th Aug 2009 23:05 :: Crian
Sorry I couldn't make it to Knockhill-too much gardening-family+disco thrashing! Hope you had a good couple of days fundraising and weather was good?? Does look awee bit damp tho'!It will be interesting to see if Gavin wins my next contribution to the raffle- he might need it for his Bonsai- a chain saw!!

Looking forward to seeing you all again- mby at Burns Run

Best Regards Crian

31st Aug 2009 22:18 :: Chic
As Gavin has said in his report thanks to all who contributed and helped raise over £500 towards the OC national charity appeal

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