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NSS Mini-run
Mon 6th Jul 2009
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 6
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Having watched the skies all day, hearts sank when stairrods started falling out of the sky 45 mins before departure, but the members who showed up were rewarded for their faith. Apart from one sharp downpour where the convoy watched in glee as Colin's hardtop closed at a glacier-like speed, we had a dry and often sunny run through some superb countryside. Colin led on the way out heading across roads to the north of Dundee, through Newtyle and Coupar Angus (did anyone else catch the smell of strawberries, another advantage of opentop motoring?) to Dunkeld. We can heartily recommend the chipshop and  the site by the river where we scoffed our tea. Returning to our cars we were delighted to meet Bob and Ishbel who joined us for the home leg led first by Graham and then by Tom, a route taking us back at a brisk pace (to put it mildly!) over the top road to Blairgowrie then cutting down to Glamis and a sprint down the A90. I'm thoroughly enjoying our new mini-runs and we're lucky to be able to get access to such great roads and scenery so close to home.

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7th Jul 2009 19:12 :: tom mcginnis
Great wee run ! in good company too,roads were quite,(allowed Colin to stop and give a good laugh putting his slow roof up !!)Stopped toilets in Dunkeld which were shut but the bushes at the rear preserved our decency lol! not to quick not to slow with our leader colin out in front.After short stop drove down to Blairgowrie where Graham waved his goodbye and peeled off to head home.I took over the lead with one eye on the road and the other on the sky as all of us had our roofs down.Apart from a very short delay coming out of Blairgowrie (stuck behind a blue car doing 44mph sometimes less ! once all safely past we had an enjoyable drive,not to fast not to slow !! to Kirriemuir,Glamis and back to our starting point at Struans.A good night had by all.Have to do it agai sooner rather than later.BRAW!!!

7th Jul 2009 20:28 :: Alex.
Another superb evening out; good crack and good roads, and dare I say, better chips than the award winning Fife eaterie. Can't believe how enjoyable it was considering what the weather could have thrown at us. Next time though, let's hope the roads are dry as well as the sky.

9th Jul 2009 11:05 :: Colin
Tend to agree about the chips, Alex, and not just because an ex-pupil of mine owns the chip shop! Looking forward to my freebies next time ...

10th Jul 2009 20:10 :: neil
enjoyed the run,didn't try the chips,might get goggles for next time we have to drive in the rain at least till I get the roof up!!! thanks for company.

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