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Callander Weekend
Sat 18th Jul 2009 to Sun 19th Jul 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July 2009

Would you like a full weekend event with like minded MX-5 enthusiasts well this is the event for you.


Meet at 09:30 for 10:00 departure
Stirling Motorway Services,
Junction 9 M9/M80
Google Maps Link to Stirling Services

The day starts with a drive via The Carron Valley, Fintry, Aberfoyle, The Dukes Pass, The Trossachs and finally ending up at Lochearnhead around 12:30 for lunch. Please note as the lunch is not pre-booked arrival and departure time is flexible.

Lunch will be at The Clachan Cottage Hotel
(Choose from the standard lunch menu.)

After a leisurely lunch we drive down to Callander via St Fillans, Comrie, Braco and Kinbuck in time to book into your chosen accommodation for the evening.
For your evenings entertainment we will have a BBQ followed by live entertainment in the marquee. The BBQ's will be provided by the club but please bring your own food to be cooked, also refreshments (both alcoholic and otherwise) to last you for the full evening.

Callander Weekend 2008

Click Here For Google Map Details Of Saturday Route


Meet at 10:45 for 11:00 departure
Carpark behind The Dreadnaught Hotel
Station Road
Google Maps Link to Meeting Point

Today we have an optional short run back over The Trossachs in the opposite direction this time down to  Aberfoyle. We then travel via Kinlochard to Inversnaid and the shores of Loch Lomond. After a coffee stop or light lunch at The Inversnaid Bunkhouse Restaurant we then travel via Aberfoyle, Port of Mentieth and back to Callander.

Callander Accommodation

Click Here For Google Map Details Of Sunday Route


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Your Comments
19th Jul 2009 22:14 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Back home exhausted after a brilliant weekend. Many thanks to Eileen and Richard for their hospitality and to Sandy for entertaining us all. Nether rain, fire or roadblocks could spoil the event. Hope to see you all again soon.

20th Jul 2009 14:19 :: chic and heather
Another excellent weekend at Callander. Thanks as ever to Richard and Eillen for their hospitality, to all the entertainers for their music and to everyone who helped erect and dismantle the marquee. Also to Ian and Jacqueline for organising the runs and the lunches which started and ended the weekend in fine style

20th Jul 2009 14:31 :: Colin n Sandra
A great weekend. Oh the banter!!
Will post our arriving home shots later......

20th Jul 2009 18:05 :: Gavin
Great weekend, thank you to Eileen and Richard for putting up with us again. I'm sure everyone had a good time. Terrific run on Saturday, sorry I can't vouch for Sunday.I'm just glad today's over.

20th Jul 2009 19:40 :: chic and heather
ok Colin now that the photos are posted i think a narrative needs to follow ---- not too serious i hope

20th Jul 2009 19:57 :: Colin and Sandra
We had a great time over the weekend and thank you to all that made it so. Lovely drive and scenery, weather was pretty good most of the time. B and B was very nice and not full of those rowdy mx5 types. We went for the warm and cozy approach to the party, hoping to keep the midgie at bay. The evening was most entertaining, the disco juice seemed to be working well. We thourghly enjoyed the music. Unfortunately I had to explain myself at work when someone shouted on ALEX and I followed it up with ALEX, who the eck is Alex, he has a sense of humour, just as well. Good night!!
Hope you all enjoyed the fresh air of the Sunday and that it cleared a few heads.
We headed off to Knockhill for the Scottish Speedfair before visiting family.On our way home from our free tea at Sandra's sisters our wee car decided to chuck its alternator belt onto the Edinburgh by-pass after a quick thrash around the inside of the bonnet. With a spare in the boot I thought breakdown man would have us running in no time but they are into recovery rather than repair. Oh well I guess I'll have to do it myself. We had the " is it time for a new one chat"

20th Jul 2009 20:09 :: wattie97
Our first Callander weekend but not our last.We had a great time as I`m sure eveyone did. Many thanks to Richard and Eileen for the superb hospitality the barbie was great. Hope to see you all again at the next outing.
Wattie and Janet.

20th Jul 2009 20:19 :: dot and chas
Another great weekend in sunny Callander! I still haven't got my new Radley umbrella wet!
The food,entertainment and company was superb.Thanks to Richard and Eileen for the hospitality and the chance to test drive their new BBQ.
A big thank you to Sandy for providing the entertainment.
Flood,fire and famine ,OK maybe not famine! How will we beat that next year?
Colin ,hope the wonkydonkey is OK

20th Jul 2009 20:24 :: colin and Sandra
The wonkey donkey is fine, even if she didn't get a new handbag.

20th Jul 2009 22:49 :: Liz & Don
We both had a great time. Liz can now walk in a straight line again.

Thanks to Richard & Eileen for their hospitality, always first class.

After being "dumped" by "The Old Rectory" we were offered alternative accommodation in The Coppice Hotel next door. Nice comfortable hotel. Big thanks to the owners Anne & Ron Fraser, for making us welcome.


20th Jul 2009 23:23 :: Jim and Maria
They say the camera never lies, so as seen in the photos we had a great time.Many thanks to Richard and Eileen for their superb hospitality,our entertainers and run organisers. These weekends don't just happen on their own.By the way, I don't think that our chairs were small, it was the tent that was awfy big. Roll on the next run 

21st Jul 2009 11:15 :: John & heather
Great weekend thanks to all for making it so good, we as well were dumped by the rectory but the Frasers came to the rescue, many thanks to them.  Next year I will have to remember my swimming trunks. Hehehe 

21st Jul 2009 15:10 :: James & Barbara
Great to see some old friends again and make some new ones aswell. We had a really good time - Thanks to Richard,Eileen,Sandy and everyone else who made it such a special evening.
I'm glad I stuck to "Lime juice and Soda" all night as I had to go and man the pump 10 minutes after getting home.
Great photo of the fire Don - have you or anyone else got more photo's or video of it that I can get copies of for our station archives?

21st Jul 2009 15:49 :: Eileen & Richard
Thanks to all who came along and made it a great weekend, all the marquee helpers and the musicians for their classic performances :-)
It was just unfortunate that the BBQ got out of hand and set fire to half of Callander - it was an accident, honestly! Note to self to empty pool before opening wine next time.  Cara has had a severe talking to for pinching all Wattie's crisps, naughty dog.  Roll on next year.

21st Jul 2009 17:13 :: Sandy
Just back from 2 days golf. Got blown off the course on Monday and washed off the course today. Another great weekend in Callander and thanks to all involved. I don't think Margo will be drinking for a day or two. It was interesting to hear where you had coffee and scones on Sunday. My cousin was christened in that church, obviously when it was still a church!

21st Jul 2009 20:27 :: Liz & Don
I only took 4 pics. I didn't want to be snapping away while the emergency services were battling the fire. If you send me your email address on I'll send you them, in full size.


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