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Saturday Lunch Run - Eyemouth
Sat 25th Apr 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 11
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Saturday Lunch Run to Eyemouth

Saturday 25th April 2009

What a stroke of luck that the date was changed to Saturday. The weather couldn’t have been better considering how changeable it has been recently.
We started of in a mini convoy of 3 from Aldi’s car park in Linlithgow – Linda and Bill all the way from Golspie, way up north, Gavin all the way from Bo’ness, about 2 miles north, and Ian and me from a few hundred yards south west.

Heading to the meeting point at Dobbie’s/The Melville Inn we saw a cool white Mk 1 ahead but it didn’t go the same way as us and they missed out on a great day. When we arrived at Dobbie’s it was great to see so many enthusiasts raring to go and also catch up with Christine and Graeme with little Eileidh (hope the spelling isn’t too far off LOL) who live nearby and although they couldn’t make the run, came along for a chat and to wave us off. Eiliedh was a true princess in pink and had the most fabulous bag ever! Sandra and Colin were on their first run since the Gathering last year in their very smart and much loved red Mk 1. Moving house had been their priority recently but the force of the 5 is strong and I recognised the trademark grin that comes with owning one.

After a short briefing from AC Gavin, we all hit the road and were soon out onto great  roads and fabulous scenery. Avoiding the main roads as much as possible, we zoomed along through the quiet countryside. One of the most memorable sections was down the B709 to Innerleithen, and then into Jim Clarke country through Duns and Chirnside. There we met up with Evy and she slid into the group with ease. This was her territory and we headed to Eyemouth enjoying the beautiful scenery and sunshine, grinning from ear to ear. The run finished with lunch at the golf club in Eyemouth which Evy had arranged.

When we arrived, the car park was full so we swooped over the grass to a great spot behind the clubhouse which had been kept for us. It had a fabulous view over the town and out to sea. The staff in the clubhouse welcomed us and kindly rearranged the tables to allow us to mix better and also enjoy the elevated view of the sunny scenery and the cars below. Appetites were more than satisfied with the quality and quantity of food on offer. I had the fresh scallops for starters and the biggest fresh salmon fillet ever. I did justice to it all but just couldn’t manage a pudding (though I would have had the raspberry roulade which looked really yummy -  I’ll be back). A few managed all three courses (you know who you are LOL) and deserve respect, even though the fish in batter was more than one plate could take hehehe.

There was much banter back and forth and everyone was so relaxed and happy we lingered at our lunch stop for quite some time before we headed off in various directions, some to do their own thing and some accepted Evy’s kind invitation to her home for a little bit more socialising. We headed to Evy’s and a few of us ended up on the wrong side of the harbour! Eyemouth is a lovely little town and we quickly found our way to the right side where two large seals in the harbour were entertaining everyone for their supper. It was a fascinating sight and rightly drew a lot of attention.

Eyemouth Harbour

We found Evy’s house and were also welcomed by the most adorable dog called Bobby (after Bob Marley due to the dredlocks which appear when he isn’t clipped). He is a Spanish Water dog (I think that was what Evy said) and totally irresistible and beautifully behaved – even when someone crept up behind him and he nearly jumped out of his skin (you know who you are!). Refreshments were enjoyed and Heather and her newly married daughter Gemma, provided some delicious wedding cake – I was glad I hadn’t managed a pudding at lunch because I made up for it by having two pieces of cake :-D

Entertainment from Evy’s garden was provided by some very daring boys in wetsuits who had fun  jumping off the pier and even the roof of a building into the sea and some grownups on jetskis who tried to impress onlookers and gave us a few laughs by falling off. Again, there were some amongst us who had not worn sunblock and were beginning to look like lobsters (yes, same as last time :-p). Nevertheless it was a great day and after a little tour of the town with Evy, we headed back to our cars to see what damage had been done by the local seagulls to our beautiful cars. Surprisingly, most were pretty clean but special attention was paid to the new Mk 3.5. With smiley faces we all climbed into our cars and waved goodbye to Evy and Eyemouth.

What a great day and I could have a little nap on the way home (we were lead car on the morning run so I had to stay awake to check the route and work the radio). Can’t wait for the next one. Hope to see you there.

Report by: Jacqueline


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Your Comments
25th Apr 2009 20:21 :: evy
super to see all of you again!! Tahnx for bringing all the sun as well. Great day!!

Evy xx

25th Apr 2009 20:32 :: Stella & Nige
What a superb day, superb roads and again, one of those roads we will just HAVE to go on again!  Good to see old friends and make new ones. And I even managed to keep up!

S & N

25th Apr 2009 22:31 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Brilliant run, top down sunshine all day on perfect MX-5 style roads. Many thanks to Evy for arranging the superb lunch, with panoramic views to die for. Great company as always cant wait for the next run.

Jacqueline & Ian

26th Apr 2009 10:23 :: dot and chas
Thanks to all for a lovely day.Fabulous meal with fabulous view.Watched the seals feeding at the harbour.
Thanks to Evy for her hospitality!We found more fabby roads on our run back with, us, Andy,Gavin,Ian and Jacqueline taking turns to get us lost (oops sorry to lead)
Great day!

26th Apr 2009 13:13 :: Gavin
What great weather that was, great roads and a fabulous lunch venue. Good to see old friends again and also to Colin and Sandra who have returned to CS from Aberdeen. Thanks to Ian and Jacqueline for the run down to our second weekend pub run and to Andy and Chas for the run back. Evy you were right about the fallout from above when parking down at the harbour. Just spent the morning washing it off. We'll have to do these roads again later in the year.

26th Apr 2009 17:54 :: BillB
Superb weekend, the run was fantastic on almost empty roads, the weather was great, lunch was terrific, company as always first class. We made it back in time for dinner. Just got back to Golspie a few minutes ago. 610 miles round trip. Roll on the next run.

26th Apr 2009 20:37 :: Ian Ness
Report now posted

27th Apr 2009 14:12 :: Eileen & Richard
Great day, weather was superb, as was the company and the lunch, thanks to Evy for recommending the golf club.  Nice to see Colin & Sandra back from the wilderness and to hear that Bill has turned teetotal :-)

27th Apr 2009 18:37 :: Graeme & Christine Babbs
Good to see you all and 9.5/10 for the spelling of Eilidh! That's better than most of the relatives manage ;-)

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