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Argyll In Spring
Sun 10th May 2009 to Sun 10th May 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 14
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Sunday 10th May 2009

Happily, when we assembled at Stirling Services, we were welcomed by Spring sunshine and so we headed off along the Forth Valley in good spirits and continued through Stirlingshire with its scent of the fields being recently fertilised before entering into the Loch Lomond Park area and Balloch where we met the other participants, both new and old, and spent a short time saying hello.

After a welcome and a few guidelines from Gavin we were led off by Ian and Jacqueline and headed north alongside Loch Lomond before turning off west towards Loch Long to be welcomed by a very sharp shower which thankfully also proved to be as short as it was heavy. The sun returned as we drove north on the scenic if narrow road which runs along the shores of Loch Long and by the time we reached Arrochar the summit of the Cobbler was in full sun highlighting its rugged top. Continuing West we climbed to reach the Rest and be Thankful where we turned off to skirt alongside the Argyll Forest Park and were confronted by threatening rain clouds ahead and as we emerged onto the shores of Loch Fyne the waters appeared as slate grey as the sky. A short journey south brought us to Strachur by which time the sky had brightened as had the colour of the Loch. We turned inland once more into the Forest Park and continued south along the shores of Loch Eck. Passing Puckís Glen we turned west and once again heavy threatening clouds confronted us. As we headed along Glen Lean it was not clear how the weather was going to end up but as we climbed up from the head of Loch Striven it was evident that the sunshine had won the battle as the clouds cleared and we continued on through the birch woods in sunshine with the sides of the roads lined with bluebells before dropping down into Otter Ferry where we stopped for lunch.

Jacqueline, Dot, Ian and Chas had arranged lunch for us in the Oystercatcher Inn and we were greeted there by the very friendly staff who had set a large single table for us in a private dining area.
A relaxed and enjoyable lunch was consumed amid mirth and humorous conversation although I did feel that the middle section of the table consumed rather more than their fair share of the custard.

The raffle prizes in aid of Help for Heroes were on display and seeing this staff of the Oyster Catcher provided a gift of their own for inclusion and thanks are offered to them for this. The raffle proceeded at the conclusion of lunch and was successful in raising a further £61.00 which gives us a running total of £136.00 to date however, unfortunately, those who had eaten all the custard also appeared to leave with the bulk of the prizes. No justice there then and no names mentioned Wattie, Chas, Jim.
Many thanks again to all who contributed prizes and purchased tickets. We hope you agree it is for a worthy cause and that we can continue to raise funds to give a substantial contribution at the end of the year.

After lunch we emerged to view Loch Fyne bathed in bright sunshine and after the requisite pictures were taken we  headed off north along itís eastern shore passing camp sites with the smell of camp fires cooking lunch and breathing in the fresh smell of the sea as we passed along broom clad roads before rounding the head of Loch Fyne and arriving at Inveraray. A short comfort break before we continued north through Glen Aray with views of snow clad mountain summits to the north before reaching the northern end of Loch Awe. A short run along Glen Lochy brought us to Tyndrum where we stopped for coffee, comfort and cheerio.

An excellent day out on fun roads with the weather God on our side for a change.
Thanks to Ian,  Jacqueline, Dot and Chas for their organisation and to all who came along for their company especially those on their first day out with MX5 Central Scotland.

Report By: Charles Kennedy


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Your Comments
10th May 2009 22:57 :: chic and heather
Excellent day out - good roads, lunch and surprisingly good weather - hope everyone enjoyed the run especially those with us for the first time. Thanks to Jacqueline, Dot, Chas and Ian

10th May 2009 23:36 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Another great day, even the weather was kind to us. Good to meet Susan and Wilson on their first run, hope you both had a fun day. Congratulations to Wattie for finally winning a raffle prize, hope you enjoy it.

10th May 2009 23:59 :: Snowcat
If you'd wanted more Custard you should have said! 8-P I simply didn't see any point in wasting it when the jug had been left to sit for a while.

If you want something ASK! You would've been handed it quite happily to indulge as ye wish. 8-)

Thanks once again for a good run and a grand day out. I sadly can't make the Rally but still looking forward to the next Club Run.

11th May 2009 08:17 :: Bill
Thanks to the sun god, thanks to the staff at the Oystercatcher and especially a big thanks to Jacqueline, Dot, Chas and Ian for a great run and lunch venue.

11th May 2009 09:30 :: chic and heather
Obviously my heartfelt plea for some custard did not reach your end of the table and anyway no doubt if you had tried to pass it along it would not have got past the three amigos in the middle opf the table especially since Chas did not get chips with his salad so was in withdrawal mode

11th May 2009 12:46 :: Jim and Maria
The club runs just get better. Superb route,lunch and company. Chas, couldn't see a man eat his salad without chips. Thanks to Jacqueline, Dot, Chas and Ian

11th May 2009 18:02 :: Gavin
What more can be added to what has been said already. Thanks for your continuing support for our chosen charity.
Great day out. Thanks guys and gals for organising it.

12th May 2009 15:32 :: wattie97
Another great day out. Thanks again to the organising team great run on superb roads.
I don`t think I should be picked on for simply winning a raffle prize. I do feel it was well overdue.
Wattie and Janet.

13th May 2009 08:32 :: Stella & Nige
That was just a superb day.  Thanks to Richard and Gavin for allowing the 'old bird' to have a ride in your newer cars, much appreciated - am saving the pennies now! Thanks too for all the organisation - great day.

13th May 2009 15:08 :: John & Heather
Sorry we didn't complete the full run looks as though we missed a good one

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