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NSS Autumn Run
Sun 18th Oct 2009
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 8
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When you have the stunning road up Glen Clova/Doll at the heart of a run, you know you're going to have a good day. It was great to see several cars come down from the NSE area, including Stuart on his first run, and a brisk but mostly dry day saw Tom lead a convoy of 8 cars north towards the glen. Tom's routes always seem to include many tiny roads ... which also tend to be the dustiest, bumpiest and cowpooiest, so the care we put into preparing our cars was largely wiped out in the first 30 minutes! How he finds his way back round these roads, many of which are not signposted, is quite beyond mortal ken. After a lively 90 minutes, he (Tom, not mortal ken) marched us up to the top of the glen and he marched us down again to a magnificent lunch at the Glen Clova Hotel. The afternoon had a different flavour as we headed east across the A90 to Montrose, then weaved our way down parallel to the A92 before breaking back towards Dundee via picturesque Fintry. Some of us felt the need to put their roofs up for a while during a brief spit of rain; their names have been taken and will be forwarded to the National Committee.
Work schedules mean that this may be Tom's last run so many thanks to him, not only for an immaculately organised day, but also for his support over the last 4 years in the club.

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Your Comments
18th Oct 2009 19:08 :: Malcolm MacBain
Great run today and a lovely lunch.
The venison casserole was superb.

18th Oct 2009 20:41 :: Eddie Cairns
Thanks Tom,

Great run in wonderful roads. Also the usual warm welcome from Colin and the NSS crew.


18th Oct 2009 21:13 :: Liathach
Seconded!  Really enjoyed the run.  I nearly managed to plot the route in advance from Colin's instructions but not quite!  Great company folks, and good roads - thank you.


18th Oct 2009 22:21 :: Alan Russell (Reaper)
Wonderful day - well done Tom.  And Colin - you can blame Margaret cos she wouldn't let me put the roof down again!

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