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NSS Aboyne Bound Run
Sun 19th Apr 2009
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 7
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If someone told you he was going to organise a run which consisted basically of going to the end of a road and back, you'd probably claim you were washing your hair that day. However, when that road is the Cairn O'Mount, one of the best roads in the region, Colin felt it had to be included in an event one day, and that day was our first run of the year. The law "the sun shall always shine on a run (except when Tom is organising it)" held good again and 6 cars set out to negotiate a route to Brechin in an attempt to get to Fettercairn without setting tyre on the A90 ... and came within 2 miles of doing so.

With only 2 of our regular stalwarts Dave and Colin in the convoy, it was a good chance to meet some new members, and we were delighted that Colin Michie joined us for his first complete run and that Alex, Roddy, Pauline, Ian and Ali came along to experience it, Ian having picked up his new car just 6 weeks ago. Having successfully negotiated our way to the top of the Cairn O'Mount, successfully because we were neither trapped behind any caravans (the bane of the B road fan) nor subjected to too many motorbike pack raids, we met Malcolm and Marty from NSE and thus took the number of areas represented to three. 30 minutes of frequently changing landscapes later, we pulled off the beautiful South Deeside Road and into the Victoria Restaurant in Dinnet who had reserved the conservatory for us. The same venue was used by a CS convoy the previous week and I have no doubt that, like us, they were delighted by the superb atmosphere, food and service; this is a lunch stop we must return to!

After a first class lunch and some lively chat, including such varied topics as the optimum gas cylinder size for a caravan and how to spend 2000 repairing a tiny scratch on a car roof, other arrangements and a bad back reduced the convoy to a hard core of 4, but we took the opportunity to explore some of the local roads round Tarland and Aboyne before heading back south over the Cairn O'Mount. Due to the length of this run the intention had been to head back down the A90 to our finish, but such was the entertainment value we didn't need much persuasion to again head east of the main road and down through the countryside.

If our newest participants had as good a day as the organiser, then I hope we'll see them back on a run before too long!

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Your Comments
19th Apr 2009 20:52 :: Malcolm Lamont
Thanks for having Marty & me along today.  Sorry it was only for part of the way but good fun, nonetheless.  In my defence, I was over the Cairn twice yesterday enroute to and from the Arrochar area.  Glad the weather gods of the NSE area took kindly to your foray into their countryside!

20th Apr 2009 09:21 :: Ali & Ian
Thank you so much for a cracking day and the opportunity to meet some of you via a fun drive and most enjoyable chatty lunch. I was planning to take a little longer to run the car in but I think I can consider that is now done!! I was also planning on a sun tan a bit later in the year - consider that is now done also!!

20th Apr 2009 18:36 :: alf
Thanks Colin for yesterday,great run fab views and grub !
Should have listened to you about the best way home !
Im sure that 45 years ago the Glenshee road was a lot straighter and smoother !!!

20th Apr 2009 21:36 :: Alex
Thanks again Colin for a superb day out. Thoroughly enjoyable drive, company and grub.....not to mention the weather...magic! Just a pity there wasn't a conclusion to the gas cylinder discussion. Still, something to look forward to on the next run.

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