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NSS Start of Season Pub Night
Wed 4th Mar 2009
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 6
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Edited: 6th Mar
Fortunately the snow forecast by Teletext failed to appear in Dundee and so we were able to meet up at the Birkie in Dundee for a pleasant Start of Season Pub Meal. It was good to see a combination of old faces and new, with Rick and Julie joining us the first time and John's new lady Vicky bravely agreeing to meet us all. It is clear that Rick knows his way around the mechanics of a 5 and so I can feel a Tech Day coming on.

The eleven of us got the most important part of the evening out of the way early, i.e. ordering the food, then briefly carried out the Planning Meeting! This was mercifully short and we then carried out the important task of bringing ourselves up to date on all things 5: when was the Mk3.5 coming out, who'd fixed what, who'd bought what, what on earth Dave and Caroline's run title meant, etc. With the bill paid (reduced again thanks to Margaret's TayCard) and good food in our bellies we headed out into a frosty car park hopefully ready for our first run of 2009.

Until recently the Pub Nights at the start and end of the season involved just a drink or two in the lounge and tended to be "blokey" affairs. The introduction of meals at the last couple of events have brought many more long-suffering partners out to join in the event. I happen to really like the different atmosphere, but hopefully none of our male participants are bemoaning the fact the old-style event let them get away from aforementioned long-suffering partners! Let me know whether we should mix 'n' match events or whether the more civilised (to quote my Mum) structure should stay.

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6th Mar 2009 08:46 :: Dave & "Margaret" aka Caroline
Meal and company as usual of top quality - almost had a full house for the famous Birkie steak pie. A good turnout for a cold evening and a fine start to the new season. We gave it 10 out of 10!

6th Mar 2009 20:51 :: Colin
Glad you both enjoyed it, especially "Margaret" (d'oh!). All fixed now!

10th Mar 2009 14:24 :: john
Nice to meet up and have a blether. Looking forward to organising a Joint Hosted Tech day if Rick is up for that.
Nice to meet our new members and old faces.

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